Five Loves…


There is something so beautiful about this photo.  The girl is stunning, but that is not all.  The look in her eyes draw you in and then the soft look on her whole face allows for the red to pop perfectly on her lips.  Love this lovely.


This drawing is amazing.  I love all that it communicates all through a pencil sketch.  A girl filled with so much emotion and words that are right there on the surface, but still stuck inside of you…


Seriously, this is the perfect warm winter day ensemble.  I adore the hat – the big brim to help block the wind.  Then, add the big shawl – divine.



I have been obsessing over figs as of late and so naturally this salad grabbed my attention right away.  It looks delectable.



How cute are these little booties?!!  I seriously feel like I need these for spring.  I just die.

What are you dying to gets your little paws on for spring?  Do you impulse buy or try to take time to think about the purchase first?

Much love,



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