Iro for Spring…



Okay, who is ready for spring?!  Because I sure am.  Especially as I spend time gazing at all the lovely Spring/Summer collections.  One collection that has fully grabbed a hold of me and has me wanting nearly every piece of the collection is Iro.  Damn, the French really do know how to do their fashion – perfect style.  I love how this collection takes a soft feminine feel and mixes it with an edge.







Who has released some of your favorite looks for the 2013 Spring/Summer?  Are you totally ready for spring, yet?!

Much love,


And the Award Goes To…



Award season is here. Bring on the heels, the dresses, and of course the red carpet.  This is another fabulous time for fashion lovers because we get to see so many beautiful dresses, and there are always a few that make you turn your head sideways and say, “What were you thinking?!!”  I personally already loved Taylor Swifts Ralph Lauren dress – she looked so elegant.  I love looking at these beautiful pieces of art – they are breathtaking…







Do you watch award shows?  Which is your favorite?  Did you have a favorite look last night?!

Much love,


Party Party Party…



Now, I thought after the new year life was supposed to slow down, right?!!  Yeah, not the case this year.  This year, the parties continue.  Last night I went to two holiday parties, and this evening I am off to two more parties – I mean guess that keeps life exciting.  Though, not going to lie – I wouldn’t mind a quiet night in cuddled up on the couch with a few close friends – at least the close friends are at the parties.  And the funny part is, all of January is filled with parties – somewhat odd for a month that does not have any major holidays in it…

Is your January slowing down or are you still full speed ahead with the holiday parties?

Much love,





With the new year beginning, I wanted to stop and share what is inspiring me with this new beginning.  Over the last couple of years I have had a growing love for gold, but now I am all the way in  – just look at those gold leaves.  So simple, and yet so beautiful at the same time.  With each year we grow ad get a little older – styles change and evolve.  As I continue to grow in my career, I am finding myself more and more inspired by chic clean looks, versus my past drawn be to a younger more grunge look.  Let 2013 be the year of growing in sophistication…





And, I sure wouldn’t mind having one of these to call my own…



What is inspiring you as we head start the new year?  Does your style evolve or stay pretty much the same?

Much love,


Anything Could Happen…

Today’s music feature by no means is a new discovery, but it is still a fabulous song I have been enjoying and felt it was rather fitting for today with the new year just starting.  Anything Can Happen by Ellie Goulding is the perfect dance song that lifts your spirits and leaves you feeling hopeful – and who doesn’t want to start the new year that way?!  It has been on repeat all day for me as I try to get back into the daily grind of office life.

What music is getting you through being back at work today?  Have any favorites as we kick off this new year?

Much love,


Bring it, 2013…



Well, my loves, 2012 has ended and 2013 is here.  Today, many of us are back at work with the holidays behind us.  For 2012 my big thing was wanting to make the big move – and I was able to accomplish that by purchasing my house and even getting to host a fun NYE party there the other night.  So, what will it be in 2013?!  I am still unsure, but with a little glitter and gold, I say bring it on 2013.  I was more than surprised with some of the things that came to be in 2012, so I am excited to see what is next to come.



Do you make resolutions for the new year?  What is your’s this year?

Much love,