Faux Fur in Decor…

Hello, all! It’s Mari here from Arcadian Home blog, a fabulous place to find lots of interior design inspirations, including glitzy, colorful wall art and all sorts of lovely lighting fixtures. I’m so excited to be visiting B with a guest post about faux fur in decor.

Faux or real fur? Which would you choose? Today, I’ve brought along eight images to illustrate a few of the many ways rooms can be warmed up (and glammed up) with this fashionable décor detail. Please enjoy!


A large faux fur rug is at once beautiful and cozy underfoot. Several decorative pillows also add appealing furry texture to the sofa.


A white fur throw brings cozy to an arm chair in this stylish little library. Contributing to the glam feel is shiny round metal table topped with a pure white Modern Pendant Light.


Large faux fur throws for the bed seem to be a must have right now. This luxurious look is perfect for a chic space with tufted white headboard. The design merges rustic, contemporary and a bit of global style to create a gorgeous bedroom retreat.


A more classic neutral space with a few contemporary touches is warmed up by a casually draped faux fur throw with a luxuriously soft lining and trim.


In this eclectic bedroom, a huge faux fur throw works wonderfully with the Moroccan rug, Modern Pendant Lights  and a creamy Barcelona chair.


This glamorous living room with glitzy fabrics and sleek acrylic coffee table shows off an appealing white faux fur on the sofa.


We’re seeing the lovely look of acrylic chairs paired with lush white faux fur showing up all over the blogosphere. Here a curvy chair and wispy textured fur are quite stunning with a vintage vanity turned desk.


This rustic bedroom goes eclectic with a French settee, upholstered headboard, massive table lamp and faux fur on the bed and on the floor. A black fabric binding nicely ties the rug to the other black elements in the space.

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What do you think of these faux fur inspirations? Leave us your thoughts below and be sure to visit us for more Home Decor  and lighting inspirations!

Show Stopper…


Today’s post is brought to you by Josie of Peonies and American Honey…


With the arrival of autumn women everywhere have flocked the streets with their over the knee boots. This is a trend that I both love and dread. The boots, when worn appropriately look stunning and can actually elongate your legs. However, when worn incorrectly you quickly begin to resemble a modern day version of Vivian Ward. I personally love the way Miranda Kerr styled hers with a long black coat and a simple short dress. These boots are show stoppers so I prefer to pair them with a simple and clean outfit and let them be the star of my look.









How do you feel about the over the knee boot?  Will you be a show stopper this fall in this look?  


Do or Don’t {The Turtleneck}…



This fall there seems to be a stronger appearance of turtlenecks.  They can be so cozy and sophisticated.  But they can also look old school, not in a good way, and frumpy.  So, is it possible for everyone to pull off the turtleneck?!!  What about the gals that have a large bust?  I know I personally sometimes feel like that draws a little too much attention to that area, but oddly enough not always.  Depends on the fit of the turtleneck.  Here in the land of the frozen tundra, better known as Minnesota, I think I can get on board with this trend this fall and winter – but, I would love to hear your thoughts!







So, what do you say – do or don’t on the turtleneck trend?

Much love,


Falling For {Burgundy}…



Fall fashion is in full force with New York Fashion Week happening as we speak.  I seriously love fall fashion.  It is like the new year for the fashion world.  One of the fall trends I am crazy for is the deep wine red, burgundy color.  It is great on a bottom, top, dress, and even as a lip or nail color.  It is such a rich, luxurious color.  This color will certainly be getting a lot of attention from my personal style this fall.  One of my favorite lip colors is a deep burgundy and I cannot wait to start wearing it again!







Are you a fan of burgundy or a deep wine color?  How does it work with your personal style?

Much love,


Mad for Plaid…



Plaid is no longer just for the hipsters and lumberjacks this fall.  It is chic and taken over the runways, which will be translating to taking over all of the fashionable streets.  Back in the 90’s plaid had a grunge feel – this fall it still has an edgy feel, but not an extreme grunge feel.  There is still a professional feel with this plaid trend.  I am loving it, as I am a huge fan of plaid.  I can’t wait to indulge in my love of plaid even at the office, and not limit it to cuddling up on the weekends in a flannel.







Are you mad for plaid?  What is your favorite plaid?

Much love,


Thigh High for Fall…



Now, when most people hear thigh high boots, classy is most likely not the first thing that comes to mind.  And granted, that is a legitimate thing because often they can look trashy.  However, this fall is redeeming the image of thigh high boots.  The height can be done in a way that still is sexy, but also kept classy.  I mean, if Celine and Chanel are willing to send looks down their runways with thigh highs, there clearly is a way to do them right.  I love the way they add a sleekness to a woman’s leg.  There are far more options in heeled boots, but there are some flat ones as well that are stunning.  I would love to add a black pair to my boot collection and then style them with a black nylon underneath so the small portion of my leg that would show would still be slightly covered.  It adds a dramatic feel to the look in a subtle way.







How do you feel about thigh high boots?  Will you be embracing the trend this fall?  What color would you want?

Much love,


Falling for {Emerald Green}…


Back in January emerald green was declared the it color of 2013 by Pantone, and it has held up to be true.  This fall is certainly no different, as it seems to be every where for fall trends and I am thrilled about it.  This rich color adds a bright glow to all skin tones and hair colors.  It is a great way to keep a little color touch in you fall fashion.  Emerald green looks fabulous in office style fashion, so I know I am excited that I have some color to keep in my style this fall – now to pick the right pieces…




Are you a fan of emerald green?  How does it fit into your style?

Much love,


Boyfriend has Never Looked Better…



The other night I was texting with my bestie and she told me about her latest splurge – a pair of boyfriend jeans.  They seem to be everywhere as of late and here is why – they are fabulous!  They are so comfortable and give you room to breath, yet they still have a cut that is flattering.  Pair those with a heel – and boyfriend has never looked better or hotter on you.  I totally need to go shopping and get a pair for myself – I mean, the bestie told me I needed them and she is always looking out for my best interest.







Do you have a pair of boyfriend jeans?  How do you style them?

Much love,


For the Twill of It…


One of my favorite things about August is all the fall nail polish collections come out.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my bright neons and eggshell pastels that come with spring and summer, but I am ready for dark and bold.  So, I couldn’t be happier with Essie’s Fall 2013 collection, For the Twill of It – the colors are fabulous!  My two favorites are ‘After School Boy Blazer’ – a deep mysterious dark blue and ‘Twin Sweater Set’ – a luscious crimson red.  But let’s be honest, they all are pretty amazing.



What color are you most excited to paint your nails this fall?  Do you have a default nail color?

Much love,


Falling For {Coated Denim}…



One of the best parts about August is the excitement that is ramping up about fall fashion and fall trends.  September marks the new year for the fashion world, so in August it is all about exploring the trends that you are falling for.  For me, one of my favorite fall trends is coated denim.  It is denim that has a wax finish that gives it a finishing look that appears like leather pants – how sexy is that?!!  I personally love this trend in the skinny jean look, but I am sure that I would also love a coated denim pencil skirt, too.







How do you feel about the fall trend of coated denim?  What would you style it with?

Much love,