Five Loves…



A good hat and classic black – simple and stunning.  Just what I need to throw on after a long week like this one – oh wait, I am going to a wedding.  Guess this will be tomorrow’s look inspiration.



That is an arm party I love.  And pair it with dark nails, gold rings, and tortoise shell glasses – now I am swooning.



A girl’s face when putting on mascara is always so fabulous.  I love it – it is a serious deal and it is worth every moment spent getting it just right.



Oh what I would give to wear casual layers like this again – soon enough the heat will depart and you will find me dressed like this, when I am not at the office of course.



Put your dancing shoes and dress on we are heading to the chapel {again} for another wedding of dear friends.

What are you loving in this blistering heat?

Much love,


For the Twill of It…


One of my favorite things about August is all the fall nail polish collections come out.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my bright neons and eggshell pastels that come with spring and summer, but I am ready for dark and bold.  So, I couldn’t be happier with Essie’s Fall 2013 collection, For the Twill of It – the colors are fabulous!  My two favorites are ‘After School Boy Blazer’ – a deep mysterious dark blue and ‘Twin Sweater Set’ – a luscious crimson red.  But let’s be honest, they all are pretty amazing.



What color are you most excited to paint your nails this fall?  Do you have a default nail color?

Much love,


Keepin’ It Rough…



There is something so beautiful about a diamond left in its natural state.  There is beauty in the rough.  Each one is so unique in its natural state.  I love them.  So much.  I love that they can be set in a ring, earrings, bracelet, necklace – really whatever style of jewelry is your preference, a rough diamond can be set to work there.   They also usually have this soft delicateness about them, even as they are raw and rough.





Do you like the look of diamonds left in the rough?

Much love,


Pucker Up…



Lipstick is a girl’s best friend.  You want to know why?!  Because when you are feeling exhausted, like you are not going to be able to make it through the day but you need to put your game face on, put on some bright lips and suddenly your face looks awake.  That pop of color helps bring you to life.  Recently, I cannot seem to get enough of bright fuchsia lips.  There is something playful about pink and that even works at the office (which is extremely helpful since I have been feeling extra tired at work this week).  It is a great color for summer time, which has finally seemed to grace Minneapolis.  The key is to find a shade that you are comfortable in – and I highly recommend letting it dry before you drink some coffee, eat, or pucker up for a smooch.







What is your lip color of choice these days?  Are you a lipstick, lip gloss or more of a lip stain kind of gal?

Much love,


My Hue, dpHue…



Like any other fashionista out there, I love having a little change to my look to spice things up a bit.  Especially when it comes to my hair.  Just last week I had drinks with a friend and she goes – I swear, you have new hair every time I see you and I love it!!  I certainly do enjoy spicing things up a bit, fairly often.  I had taken a long break from changing up my hue for a year or so because every time I would get it cut my color looked fresh and new.  Well, I started getting antsy to change it up and then I was the lucky winner of a giveaway at Ruby Girl sponsored by dpHue.  It is such a fabulous concept.  You go in (no appointment needed, mind you – my kind of place) and take a few minutes to discuss your hair, desired color, etc.  Then, you are given a custom color combination just for you and a tutorial on how to apply it to yourself at home.  It is so simple and easy – and the quality is fabulous.  The product is made in Italy, and they know quality, especially when it comes to hair.  It is a local concept here in the Minneapolis area, but I highly recommend it to anyone here!

photo (8)


photo (9)


I’m loving having dark, dark hair again – whoever says blondes have more fun has never had black hair, just sayin…

Do you dye your hair?  How far will you venture from your natural color?  Or do you even remember what your natural color is??

Much love,


Five Loves…

photo (3)


This week’s five loves are a little look into my life.  Here are a few of my current favorite things – stripes, arm party that changes daily, green tea soy latte, and having a thought provoking book to read – such a divine moment.

photo (4)


A freshly cleaned back porch with a new table and chairs that only cost me $10!!  And of course, my beautiful model who makes everything better – sweet Willow.

photo (5)


Pretty in pink – lips.  Last night I went to the Pop Sugar event at Anthropologie and had so much fun.  With my purchase I also got this fun new lipstick, and we all know how much I love bright lips!

photo (6)


It has become a full on event – the return of The Bachelorette means the return of girls’ night.  We have a group of seven of us that pile into the living room every Monday night and make the show into a full on sporting event.  It is fabulous and I actually like Mondays because of it.

photo (7)


My freshly cut summer hair.  I got it cut yesterday and was then informed by a friend that meant a selfie was required – so, I figured I should share it with all of you, lovies!  I love how light and free it feels – perfect for a summertime attitude!

Do you change your hair up with the seasons?  Do you do gradual or drastic changes to your hair?

Much love,


Bold & Beautiful {The Brow}…



A look can be changed with that finishing accessory or statement lip color.  However, that is not the only thing a woman can do to completely change her look and feel for a day.  This season a raising trend is to darken those brows to stand out in a bold and beautiful way.  I do not wear a bold brow every day because it does make such a statement but I love when I do.  There is something majestic and mysterious about a bold brow.  The woman with a bold brow leaves you wondering who is really behind such a beautiful and bold face.  This look can be accomplished by starting to clean up your brow with some tweezers and then using a pencil or highlighter.  I personally prefer to use the Bare Minerals Brow Kit – it has everything you need to create the perfect bold brow.







How do you feel about a bold brow?  Would you dare be so bold?

Much love,




It’s Got to be Spring Somewhere…



It may not feel like spring outside, with our most recent snowfall only being two days ago, but that is not stopping the spring spirit.  I say, wear the fun spring hues on your finger tips, no matter what mother nature is up to.  Spring colors are always so fun, bold and all around playful.  They add a youth and spirit to any look, but are still subtle enough that you wear these fun colors to the office.  I have personally been loving rose pinks, mint greens, and lilacs.



spring nail1




What are your favorite hues for your paws this spring?

Much love,



Fun News {Such an Honor}…



I have been at this whole blogging thing for a few years now, and over the time I have had the privilege to meet so many amazing people and make this big beautiful world feel a little bit smaller and more connected.  It really is fun.  You start these projects in your life and have an idea of where you would like to see them go, but sometimes they take on a life of their own that you could have never imagined.  My little corner of the blog world certainly fits that description.  This little space lets me have an excuse to keep up on fashion trends, adore the art that is coming down the runways across the world, discover new music, share thoughts, and really overall be a place for self expression as I enjoy the beauty of this world.  The fact that I have fabulous people like you that read it every day and share in this love for beauty with me only makes it that much sweeter.  Well, life just got a little bit sweeter because now I will also be writing for Belle Maison.  I got connected with this little jem a while back now, and as of last Friday I am an official contributor writing about Fashion and Beauty.  So, be sure to be checking that blog out, too!  I am so excited to let this adventure of blogging expand a little bit more – who knows where it is taking me, but I am certainly enjoying the ride without knowing the final destination!

photo (2)


photo (1)


photo (3)


photo (4)


Have you made friends through the blogging world?  Do you feel like it helps make the world a little bit smaller?

Much love,


Braided Beauty…



The other night I was hanging out with a couple of my girlfriends and I was on the verge of falling asleep.  So, what do I decide to do?  Start playing with braided hairstyles of course.  It required me to be active and engaged, aka I was able to stay awake.  I love how braids can be tight and put together or loose and romantic.  It is a simple way to change up your style for a night out.  I know at least one of my girlfriends is going to be a braided beauty tomorrow for our Galentine’s Day.







Do you play around with different braid styles?  What is your favorite braided beauty style?

Much love,