Lost in a Purple Haze…



Spring is right around the corner.  I can feel it.  For a Minnesota girl, all it takes is some sunshine and above freezing temperatures – and you are dreaming of spring with lilacs blooming and relaxing on rooftops.  With a warmth surrounding me again, it has me lost in a purple haze to draw inspiration from.  There is something about this hue that fits perfectly with spring in my mind.  Plus, color is so much more than a shade, but it also creates emotion and reaction in us.  Spring births new life, and purple can draw you out of a creative rut by lifting your spirits and calming you all at once.  It is mesmerizing…




Do you find yourself drawn to certain hues at different times of year?  What color has you lost in a haze of inspiration these days?

Much love,


Paper Hearts…

I love going to concerts.  It is one of my favorite places to be in the whole entire world.  It makes me feel alive, like my insides are dancing.  Last Saturday, I had the joy of getting to see one of my dear friends play at The Fine Line in Minneapolis, miss Sarah Winters.  She both opened, as well as played with the band Why?  They have been touring around the world for the last year and have such a unique sound with their alternative hip hop indie rock sound – it is great to listen to, but so much more amazing live.  Concert season is totally back in full swing, I cannot stop buying tickets.

Going to any fun concerts soon?

Much love,


Bun Wrap…



I love Free People.  So much, that I read their blog.  Daily.  Multiple times daily.  One of the latest trends I found over there was bun wraps.  It is such a fun way to spice up the top know, which I wear at least once a day – it is the perfect after yoga hair.  And it would be even better with this fun accessory.  I love the bohemian look it encompasses.







How do you feel about this new accessory trend?  Could you see yourself wearing a bun wrap?

Much love,


Slit it Up…



So, the other day I was watching 90210 (yes, I know…I have moments when I like to watch shows that make me feel like a 17-year old girl) and I instantly fell in love with one of Annie’s skirts.  This stunning black maxi skirt with a high slit in the front to the mid-thigh.  I fell in love with it so much that I literally started dreaming about it and have since spent far too much time searching online for where I can get my paws on one of my own.  It has now moved to the top of my shopping list for my spring and summer attire wish list.  So, with that, I think I am going to have to find time to go shopping.









How do you feel about the maxi skirt with a high slit?  Would you dare?

Much love,


Pop of Pastel…


I used to think I hate pastels, and maybe I did.  Guess we all have the right to change our mind?!  Either way, there is no longer a hatred of pastels, and really it is quite the contrary – I love pastels.  Give me a pop there and a pop here.  Part of me is wanting to break out the full on spring attire starting now because yesterday it warmed up enough to take a walk outside, the snow was shinning and snow was melting.  It was fabulous – spring is on the way.  And I certainly will be adding a pop of pastel – it embodies a fun carefree spirit, which is perfect for spring.







Are you having spring fever?  Are pastels going to find their way into your style this spring?

Much love,


Final Freebie…for Awhile…


This is my last free weekend for awhile, but no worries – it is completely a result of my own doing.  Next weekend, I start the venture of Yoga Teach Training with two of my favorite yogis leading the way.  I feel so blessed to get to have this experience.  From what it will do for me growing deeper personally, to help me keep pursuing my dream of not always living in the States (can we say Bali here I come?!!), to equipping me to get to share my love of yoga with others – so much joy!!  These two lovely ladies have blessed my life so much already, and they continue to – seriously, this has not been an easy process to get me here, but it has been so good and humbling and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  With that, I better get out there and enjoy my last Saturday to frolic about – the bestie and I are going to a show tonight.  Our good friend, Sarah Winters is opening tonight at the Fine Line and then playing with Who?  Cannot wait to see her pretty face!!  Love when the Minnesota natives come back to visit those they left behind 🙂


Are you still chasing your dreams – even if it scares you?  How so?  What is your craziest/scariest dream you want before you die?

Much love,


Fair Warning…

photo (39)


The other day I was at work (I work in healthcare IT) visiting one of my OB/GYN providers and I saw this up in her office.  I laughed so hard – I had to capture it and share it.  I mean it is fair warning…

Can I get any seconds or amens to this?!!

Have a fabulous Friday night, lovies!

Much love,


Five Loves…



Time to get away are write, oh how I have been longing for more of that sweet haven.  My mind has been racing with thoughts recently to write and process about, now to find – I mean make, the time.



I love hats.  I am especially loving this wider brim hat, so much that I am thinking that I need to get one to add to my hat collection.



This is the perfect combination of chic and cozy for a bitter cold winter day – which I am knowing far too well these days.



Cuddled up in a stunning coat – best way to be on these cold days.  It has been so cold this week that my jacket has actually been part of my daily outfits.



This looks like my kind of restaurant, in fact it actually reminds me of a few of my favorite little places around town here in Minneapolis.  Maybe I need to make a point to bundle up and head there this weekend.

How are you staying warm these days?  What are your favorite winter pieces?

Much love,


Winter Blues…


I am not talking about the depressing moods, though winters are often filled with plenty of those from time to time, but rather lets add some subtle color to the grey days with stunning blues.  A colbolt blue is fabulous for spring and summer, but I am talking about those deep cool blues that have a seductive and mysterious draw about them, not a simple carefree blue.  Those are the perfect hues for the bitterly cold winter days.





Are you feeling the winter blues – either way, emotionally or the hues??

Much love,