Five Loves…



We all know I love yoga – and I love doing yoga wherever, whenever I need to – and sometimes that happens to be in public.  This girl has a beautiful bird of paradise – one of my favorite poses.



Simple string of lights to add warmth and beauty to a space.  Oh I adore this and cannot wait until it warms up to be back sitting under the lights on a back patio…



Loving these fancy pants SO much!  There is something about a crop pant in a pattern that I have been adoring lately – fun for a night out, but classy enough for the office – love that.



I have been loving having a slower work week to enjoy sipping some coffee to help keep me stay warm in the bitter cold – and I think that these two day work weeks are really a great idea?!  Anyone else?!!



I absolutely LOVE giving gifts.  I love the process of picking out something special for someone and getting to add a little smile to someone’s face.  This whole week I have been able to stretch out the giving season by celebrating Christmas longer with friends, and I have loved every moment of it.

Have you had to work this week?  What did you do with your free time if you had it off?  Do you love giving gifts?

Much love,


Five Loves…

photo (31)


Having all of my presents wrapped and under the tree – I simply love the way it spills joy into the room.  I made sure to get wrapping paper that coordinated with my decor both for the holidays and every day life.

photo (32)


Having the stockings hung over the fire place and garland to frame the top.  It is lovely and so homey – they crazy part to me, still, is that this is MY home.  Love that.  I seriously was so excited to decorate the fireplace for Christmas when I first feel in love with the house – in July.

photo (33)


Late nights is to enjoy time with the roommates and over course the lovely and oh so cray cray, Willow.  The little punk found one of her Christmas presents and even took it out the wrapper.  She was loving it so much I could not take it away from her.  I guess like mother, like daughter?!!  I may have been guilty of this once upon a time…

photo (34)


Getting to listen to one of my favorite bands, Band of Horses, on vinyl.  How can I not be in love?!  And this is pretty much a picture of part of my Christmas list – I love vinyl and it’s about time I start building my own collection.

photo (35)


Oh look at her.  How can you not love her?!!  Though, to be completely honest I was livid to find her climbing in the Christmas tree – but then she looked at me so sweetly I couldn’t help but laugh.  Though seriously, she was almost half way up the tree – it was unreal.

So this week I felt like sharing some of my loves from closer to home, aka my home.  What are you loving from your home life recently? Have you decorated for the holidays?

Much love,


Five Loves…

I love fashion books – I serisously would fill all the sapce on my book shelves if I had a budget to.  I have a thing for coffee table books in general, but as a lover of fashion, am drawn to these even more.  Need. To. Stop. Buying. Myself. Christmas. Presents…

I am loving this combination so much – it is soft meets hard.  Love when what normally seems like a contradiction comes together to work perfectly.

Men, just say yes.  Please.  These boots are so hot and you should do yourself a favor and get a pair.  Just sayin…

The perfect stolcking stuffer.  Burt’s Bees, how I love thee.  When the air turns dry and crisp, your sweetness meets my lips and skin to soothe and nurture me.  It will be love at first touch, I promise.

How does this not put a smile on your face?!!  Freaking love this kid – and love that this little hipster fashionista even goes by the name of Eleanor.  Picture of the future one day?!!  I sure hope so…with a few other things in place first, of course…

What got you through the week?  Does anyone else feel like the full week back from a holiday week or vacation drags on?

Much love,


Shop Till You Drop…


I have been taking this weekend very seriously when it comes to knocking out my Christmas list.  Now, I know that this season is not all about the gifts – but I seriously love giving gifts so I am glad that it is still a part of the season.  This is a weird time of year for me (too much to explain here), so I am always looking for ways to make it more enjoyable.  One of those ways is searching for the perfect gift for each person on my list – but my oh my that gets exhausting and I seriously feel like I am going to need a weekend to recover from my weekend.

Do you like giving gifts?  Is it fun for you to pick things out or stressful?  Do you buy gifts early or wait until last minute?

Much love,


Midday Break…


Does anyone else ever need those midday breaks in their day?!  My favorite is online shopping.  I seriously think I may be on the verge of an issue…there is something so thrilling about it.  I love this time of year because the holiday deals start to be everywhere and let me tell you – it makes Christmas shopping so much easier – especially for those of us that are not fans of big groups of people.  It is a productive break in the day – love that.  My favorite midday break is my daily trip to – you need to go if you haven’t yet.  Designer goods super marked down and free shipping (I hate paying for shipping…) – so whether you are shopping for yourself, your bou, your kid, your home – or all of thee above it is the perfect spot.


Do you shop online?  What is your midday break?  What is your favorite site to shop at?

Much love,


Celebration of Lives…


I am so excited that today I get to go have family time with some of my family.  They are not my biological family, but they certainly are my family and today we will be celebrating my sweet little nieces birthdays.  I am so excited to give them their gifts. They know they will be getting clothes – because Aunt B always gives them something stylish – and that was from the 4-year old herself!  Pretty much made my day to be her fashionista aunt.  Plus, I have so much fun picking out gifts – I am starting to wonder if gift giving is one of my love languages?!  I had so much fun that I already got their Christmas gifts, too…

Do all of you stylish fashionistas like to share the joy by gifting it to others on holidays and birthdays?

Much love,


Gift Guide {Our Beautiful Mothers}…

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, so brainstorming the perfect gift to show a little appreciation for my mother has begun.  This may be the first Mother’s Day in years, and maybe I dare even say ever, that I am excited to get my mom something.  This last year has been amazing for us – a complete 180.  We both acknowledge that we cannot make-up the last 16 years, but at least we can work with what we have now.  It has been such a gift to have her back and get to know her all over again.  I love you, Mom – and am excited to get you a sweet little treat!

What are you getting you Mom this year?  Do you have any Mother’s Day traditions? Do you go with sweet or something fun for a gift?

Much love,


Five Loves…

Presents all wrapped and under the tree ready to be opened on Christmas morning.  So pretty.

Wrapping myself up so only my eyes can be seen before I head out into the bitter cold.

Over the knee socks that pop out of your boots and feel like a sweater for your legs.  I have been loving this look and feel a lot as of late.

Time to paint.  So excited for this today.

My first day of Christmas break – which is really only four days long, but hey it is better than nothing!

What are you loving this holiday season?

Much love,


Gift Guide {Last Minute}…

Oh I am sure we all do it with at least one person on our list, and some may even theave their whole list, until the last few days before Christmas.  So, what do you do for those people that you are still stumped on, but you really want to get them something?  The easiest solution is think about what they love – good food or music or clothes or travel – and then get a gift card for that place.  If that is not personal enough for you, here are a few other ideas…

For the music lover, you could get tickets to an upcoming show, a record player and then an album on vinyl, or if you have a tighter budget then make a really sweet mix.  Who doesn’t love a new mix that has been made with love – seriously, always one of my favorite gifts to get or give, but then again I am a music lover.

For the lover of good food, you could go with a gift certificate to a new and upcoming restaurant in the city he or she lives in or create a Tasting Tour of Minneapolis (or the appropriate city) and a journal to write down notes about the experience at the place – you could get really creative with this, just not too creative because Christmas is only a couple days away.  If this food lover prefers to stay in and cook, this gift guide would still have some good options for a last minute gift.

For the fashionista that you are too afraid to dress – go with accessories.  Every fashionista completes a look with the perfect accessories.  Go with something you like because it will mean more.  Pretty earrings from a little boutique, necklace or there is always a beautiful scarf.  A fashionista can never have too many scarves.

For the travel lover – go with a beautiful print from one of the favorite cities, or a fun map.  There are so many great options out there, a lot are online so those will have to be out if you want to give the physical print on Christmas – but you can also find a lot of these are local boutique stores.  Those always have a good travel inspired gift section.

And, if you are still stumped.  Get a gift card and write a funny message to go with it.  Stick it in a box and wrap it up – that way they still have ribbon to untie!

How are you doing on your list?  All done or still have a lot to get accomplished?

Much love,


Gift Guide {That Little Lady}…

Whether you are shopping for a girlfriend, wife, or you best friend – that special lady is always the one person you want to get a great gift for that she will love.  Lucky for you, there are a lot of options out there that most women would love.  The hard part, choosing the best one because realistically you probably can’t buy everything.  I would say a safe place to start is with something sparkly – a clutch, sweater with some shimmer, a watch with a little bling, or if you are really bold – a sequin skirt.  Faux fur is another perfect item for every fashionista in your life.  A fun scarf or nail polish is a safe, but still fun option if you are on a tighter budget – Essie has yet again a great line for the holidays.

How is your holiday shopping going?  Who are you the most stumped on?  What is the gift you are most excited about to give?

Much love,