Real Men…

real men


I am loving how much people are getting behind supporting the end of the sex trade.  It needs to end.  I think this issue has been on my mind even more as of late because I will be in thailand in a month and a half and I know I am going to see it – breaks my heart.  There has to be hope for these little girls.  Thankfully there are groups like Destiny Rescue  to just name one, that we can support to help bring an end to this tragic epidemic. 

Craving a Getaway…



When it starts to warm up all I can think about is taking a couple days and getting away for some rest and relaxation.  Let me tell you, this craving is getting stronger and stronger.  Take me to the beach – please!!  It will only take me a couple of minutes to get my bags packed.  Really, all we need are our suits and big beach hats – oh, and maybe a sun dress or two.



Do you take little summer getaways on the weekends?  How do you get time to enjoy the summer as an adult?

Much love,


Five Loves…



Classy meets casual – now that is my kind of summer uniform for the office.  I love the simplicity of this ensemble.



Charleston, SC – one of my favorite cities to visit in the US.  Sadly, I don’t think I will make it there this summer – but for almost seven years straight I would make sure to at least get a day trip to this lovely city once a year.  So much history.  So much beauty and good foods.



I love rings.  I love gold.  I love the symbolisim of knots.  So, basically this is the perfect ring and I adore it.



A carefree moment where you can let go and laugh – even if it means you are laying on the ground laughing – now those are some of my favorite moments with my girlfriends.



The perfect weekend uniform.  I have a hat almost identical to this and I could live in it.  I love wearing it to keep the sun off my face as I stroll through the local Farmers’ Market.

What are you doing to enjoy the sunshine?  Do you shop the local Farmers’ Markets?

Much love,


Wanderlust in Style…



I am not sure what exactly it is – it may be finishing a huge accomplishment in my life or the warm weather or simply my love of adventure – either way I have a bad case of wanderlust.  I would like to pack a suitcase and start traveling.  I need to get back to Colorado and would also love to get out to the West Coast and do a full tour – from Seattle to Portland to San Fran and down to SoCal for some warm sun.  From there, I would like my travels to take me to India and Indonesia.  Basically – I want to go to the lands of the free spirits and warmth.  The fashion would be simple, beautiful and free – just how I want to be.







Where is your wanderlust taking you these days?

Much love,


Wild Child…

Okay, so meet Wild Child – my new obsession.  I love their sound so much.  Think The Head and the Heart or Of Monsters and Men or The Lumineers – aka, pretty much my favorites these days.  Give me a folk sound with a guy and girl with raw voices and you pretty much have me swooning.  The other day I was doing what I do every few hours – checking Instagram, and one of my friends who I greatly respect his taste in music posted this fabulous album cover.  The cover alone convinced me I would love them – and by no means did it let me down.  Seriously, I cannot get enough of this album.  This song is Pillow Talk, which is the title track to the album.  I have not picked out my exact favorite yet, but this is a good one – as well as Day Dreamer and Wiskey Dreams.  Maybe you have already heard of them, since they have been around for awhile, but I am just getting on the bandwagon and don’t think I will be getting off any time soon.  So talented. They have been spending the last couple of weeks in the studio, so I am excited what will come from them in 2013.  If you are in the Austin area, go out and see them – for the rest of us, maybe we should just go to Austin?!!  That would be fun…

Who or what is your latest music discovery? Would you ever take a trip just to see a band play?  

Much love,