A Night to Remember…



Wanted to quick say hi, loves!  I am still enjoying some fabulous time off and spending that time today prepping for my NYE party.  I have already spilt glitter everywhere (making glitter wine glasses like these – I can totally be DIY…), but who cares – it goes with the theme of the night so it works.  Later I will slip into a little sparkle of my own to host this evening.  I am actually getting excited – it should be fun combination of people and good food and drinks – makes for a good night to remember.







What are your plans for the evening?  Have you been able to enjoy a long holiday weekend?

Happy New Year’s Eve, lovies!!

Much love,


Pressure’s On…



Does anyone else feel this ridiculousness?!!  Trying really hard not to have this pressure this year…even though I am the one hosting…wish me luck!

Do you ever have really high hopes for NYE, only to have it be a let down?  How are you fighting to not let that be the case this year?

Much love,


Five Loves…



We all know I love yoga – and I love doing yoga wherever, whenever I need to – and sometimes that happens to be in public.  This girl has a beautiful bird of paradise – one of my favorite poses.



Simple string of lights to add warmth and beauty to a space.  Oh I adore this and cannot wait until it warms up to be back sitting under the lights on a back patio…



Loving these fancy pants SO much!  There is something about a crop pant in a pattern that I have been adoring lately – fun for a night out, but classy enough for the office – love that.



I have been loving having a slower work week to enjoy sipping some coffee to help keep me stay warm in the bitter cold – and I think that these two day work weeks are really a great idea?!  Anyone else?!!



I absolutely LOVE giving gifts.  I love the process of picking out something special for someone and getting to add a little smile to someone’s face.  This whole week I have been able to stretch out the giving season by celebrating Christmas longer with friends, and I have loved every moment of it.

Have you had to work this week?  What did you do with your free time if you had it off?  Do you love giving gifts?

Much love,


Party Time {New Year’s Eve Party}…



The ultimate night for a party dress is New Year’s Eve.  This year my roommates and I will be hosting a little soiree, so I really should have a dress picked out by now – but I don’t.  The thing I know that I want in my dress is that it needs to sparkle – a lot.  I loe sequins, and there is something about NYE that screams the need to bask in the glitter and bling.  NYE is a night that you can branch out of your comfort zone and wear something that any other time would be considered over the top – it is like playing dress up for grown-ups.  I love that.







What is your New Year’s Eve style?  Do you know what you are wearing this year?

Much love,



The other day I was driving to work, far too early – but then I did not care because I heard this amazing band for the first time.  Loves, meet Kitten – I mean they had me at their name, but this lovely crew out of LA that just released their first EP followed through with my excitement in their first release Cut It Out (also the name of their EP).  They just joined Elektra Records, so hopefully that means there will be more of them in 2013!  They remind me of a lot of my current favorite artists, like The Ravenonettes, The XX, and so on…

What do you think of this new sound coming from Kitten?  Is this your style of music?

This Day…



Oh today.  The 26th of December.  It is a day I never look forward to, but today I am taking the day off to do some relaxing B things, if you will.  So, my loves – with that, tomorrow I will be back talking fashion and around to say hi.  Until then, I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas!

What do you like to do when you have a day to yourself?

Much love,


Merry Christmas…



Merry Christmas, my loves!!  Today I am taking a break and hanging out with my dear friends that have become family to me.  Then, after a day of relaxing I will be going to see Les Miserables with friends – it has been our annual tradition to go to a movie on Christmas Day night – so excited!!

Hope you are having a fabulous day!

Do you have any Christmas Day traditions?  Do you like making new traditions or sticking to the classics?

Much love,


Emerald City…


Every year Pantone selects a new color of the year.  For 2013, they have declared Emerald to be the color of the year.  So get ready my loves, we will be living in an emerald city and all red heads will be glowing – as this is a color owned by them.  We all can embrace this color trend, but the women that own it so stunningly is certainly the gingers.   Emerald also works well with today being Christmas Eve and all – why not start by embracing the trend tonight at whatever gathering you find yourself off to?  I know I certainly could wear my emerald blouse I got two years ago from Paris – who knew I was so ahead of the times?!  Glad I finally will have more excuses to wear it than just on St. Patty’s day at the office (you know how I love subtly dressing up for the holidays – ok, with the exception of my annual Valentine’s Day outfit – the rest are subtle…).




Do you follow the color of the year trends?  How do you feel about working emerald into your style?

Much love,