Watch Yourself…



Oh how true it is – and as the little sister I love that.  There has to be some perk to being picked on by this person for years, right?!!  I love my sister and love that no matter how much shit she will ever give me, I always know she is for me and has my back.  So, watch yourself, y’all.

Do you have siblings?  Do you get along?

Much love,


Five Loves…

photo (3)


This week’s five loves are a little look into my life.  Here are a few of my current favorite things – stripes, arm party that changes daily, green tea soy latte, and having a thought provoking book to read – such a divine moment.

photo (4)


A freshly cleaned back porch with a new table and chairs that only cost me $10!!  And of course, my beautiful model who makes everything better – sweet Willow.

photo (5)


Pretty in pink – lips.  Last night I went to the Pop Sugar event at Anthropologie and had so much fun.  With my purchase I also got this fun new lipstick, and we all know how much I love bright lips!

photo (6)


It has become a full on event – the return of The Bachelorette means the return of girls’ night.  We have a group of seven of us that pile into the living room every Monday night and make the show into a full on sporting event.  It is fabulous and I actually like Mondays because of it.

photo (7)


My freshly cut summer hair.  I got it cut yesterday and was then informed by a friend that meant a selfie was required – so, I figured I should share it with all of you, lovies!  I love how light and free it feels – perfect for a summertime attitude!

Do you change your hair up with the seasons?  Do you do gradual or drastic changes to your hair?

Much love,


Warm Whispers…



Summer is coming.  Right?!!  It has to – I think.  We have had sweet little warm whispers from time to time that leave me feeling hopeful that all my summer music festivals will be attended in fun flowing summer outfits and not a big puffy parka.  While I have been waiting for the weather to warm up a little bit more, I have been trying to still bring summer to the office by dressing like it is warm outside, within reason of course.  Looking for summer style images is also always helpful for inspiration to remind me that the weather will change – the sun will come back to play…







Is it warm where you are?  Have you been able to embrace summer style?  What is giving you inspiration?

Much love,


Caught In a Life…

having friends that have good taste in music is pretty much a must in my life.  Not every single one of my friends I can sit around and talk music with, but the ones I can I seriously am so thankful for.  They open me up to new artists and groups all the time that I wouldn’t have found on my own – and then I get to share my findings with them.  It is a beautiful, beautiful thing.  That is what happened with (please disregard the band name) Donkeyboy.  I am loving their album Caught In a Life, especially this first track off the album, Stereolife.  This is a little taste of Danish pop that is all the rave in Norway – they are up for some great awards, and I can see why – they mixing of these beats is fabulous.

How do you experience and discover new music?

Much love,


Crowned in Jewels…



Ever since I was a little girl I have had a thing for headbands.  And I have always loved to make a statement with them.  When I was seven, it was all about layering my teal, magenta and neon yellow (can you tell I am a child of the late 80’s/early 90’s?!!).  Now, at twenty-seven, I am more about the gold and beading, though colored beads can be fun, too.  I would like a little sparkle on my crown, but no need for a full on tierra – I mean, there is no need to get ridiculous, we all know that every lady is a princess.  I love how a simple head piece can transform a whole look.  It is so majestic and elegant – j’adore!







How do you feel about headbands?  How do you style them?

Much love,


Woman in White…



Memorial Day has come and gone for 2013, aka time to break out all the white, as it is the unofficial start to summer.  This summer is all about the all white look.  It is a color that any woman can pull off, as long as it is done with confidence.  I love throwing on a white dress after a day out in the sun, it makes any woman radiate with that sun kiss glow.  All white can be dressed up for a classy night in the Hampton’s or a casual day meandering around the lakes.





Are you going to be wearing all white this summer?  How would you style it to make it you?

Much love,


Five Loves…



Hott.  I absolutely love the little booties with shorts.



I love all the delicate jewels.  Simply elegant.



A simple low bun is lovely for a day when you are on the go.



A gal can never have too many hats.  I love this one so much.



This is the perfect summer work look – and who doesn’t like taking an extended coffee break with a friend in the summer to enjoy sitting outdoors.  I know I certainly love it.

Are you ready for summer?  The long weekend that turns is upon us, what does it have you loving?

Much love,


Take Me to Paradise…



Every where I look I keep seeing paradise on tee-shirts.  We all may not be able to run off and enjoy paradise, but we bac bring paradise to us by simply slipping in to one of these fun little graphic tees.  I love the carefree spirit they embrace – but that isn’t the only place you see the palm trees.  Even an elegant blouse can find itself graced with paradise these days.  So, whether you are a free spirit peace child or lady of the Hampton’s – there is a paradise top for you.







Will you be embracing the paradise trend of palm trees on your tops?  What is your preferred style?

Much love,