Bold & Bright…

It may not be sunny and warm where you are and feeling much like spring, but who says we can’t dress like it is spring?!  Now, don’t get me wrong I love my black and wear plenty of it – but in the spring there is something so refreshing about adding bold and bright colors to your look.  It just adds a funness to your look to go along with the changing of seasons – the coming back to life.  And this spring, you do see a lot of neutrals but you also see bold bright colors – and they even pair well together.

Love the mix of bright colors with neutrals here worn by some of my favorite fashion bloggers.

Again – love how the neutral top works with the bright teal skirt.  It works.  It screams spring come – I want to come twirl under your night skies.  Here that spring, we are ready for you – oh so ready.

Are you a fan of bright colors?  How bold is too bold?

Much love,



This is HoneyHoney‘s video for “Little Toy Gun”.  I went to see them my last night in LA at the Bootleg Theater – and wow, they know how to put on a show.  They are extremely talented and blend bluegrass, folk rock, and jazz so well.  The music moves you – literally I do not know how one can stay still while listening.  And to make them even better (as if they need that) – they are fun people to hang and chat with.  Suzanne is a little firecracker and Ben is so chill.  HoneyHoney heads out on tour in a month so be sure to check the tour dates and go see them if you get a chance.  Minneapolis friends – they are playing First Ave on May 10th – it is the day I fly in from Mexico, but I am still planning on going.  So, if you want to join me just let me know!

Much love,


Conquering New Heights…

They are comfortable.  Perfect for spring and summer.  Come in all sorts of fun shades and styles.  Make your legs look great the way heels do without the pain at the end of the day.  Oh, and, they are great for walking.  They are wedges.  We have seen them time and time again – but this season they are everywhere and I could not be more thrilled or relieved (for my feet’s sake).  I love how they can come in great platforms, but do not look over the top.  I love them.  The problem I am now having is which pair to get?!

I adore this turquoise wedge from Urban Outfitters.  Especially for this season – I am love the pops of bold colors mixed against nudes.

Zara you leave me speechless.  Simply love.

I love this bright bold blue wedge from Zara.  I must have a shoe this color.  Soon.

A more traditional wedge, though still unique from Urban Outfitters.  I love the leather strap that goes over the sole – that subtle detail makes the shoe.

How do you feel about wedges?  Feel like you can conquer the world in them?

The Road Ahead…

So, today I leave California to head back to Minnesota.  It is funny – after six days here I still do not have clarity – if anything it seems like more things have been stirred up to create confusion.  But I am really okay with that.  I had a wonderful time – it was so relaxing and refreshing (once I got the kinks worked out) – and really filled with so much unexpected adventures and fun.  Plus, I also feel like I can navigate myself through this city pretty well now – love that.  I can see how this city can flourish and inspire one, but also if one is not careful how it could eat you alive and end up losing yourself.  A lot to thinking about as I head back to the frozen tundra (and yes – it is still cold in MN, still snow on the ground  – and it even looks like we might get some more snow).  Will be good to see friends, but am going to miss the sun, ocean – and all the beautiful and some crazy fashion I have seen while being here.  LA – it has been real.  I shall return.  When and for how long, still to be determined…

This is the Santa Monica Pier…went there yesterday to sit on the beach and read.  Then turned out I happened to walk on to a set of a television show that was being filmed and got to be an extra.  Random and fun.

Urth Caffe on Beverly Boulevard – we shall meet again.  Every time I come to LA I have to go at least once.  It is so good – so many great options for Vegetarians.  And let’s be honest, I love that it is in Beverly Hills – right around the corner from Rodeo Drive.  Glorious.  Just one of the many things I will miss.

Have you ever made a big move or change in your life?  What was it and what made you finally go for it? Please share insight – I’ll take any I can get.

Much love,



Crop It…

It is true – the ninties are back. At least when it comes to crop the tops nice and short to bare a little skin (seriously having flash back to middle school and high school…Clueless anyone?!).  Or, if you are like me and love the flowy-ness of the crop top, but prefer a more modest approach, just through a simple little cami underneath.  We had cropped jackets for winter, so why not crop tops for spring?  Last night, I was out at a show at The Roxy in LA – and they were everywhere – in so many different cuts and styles.  It is a trend that each person can take and adapt to her own liking.  I thankfully came prepared and was wearing my black flowy silk crop top by Tea N Rose – which has a fun lace trim over a plain black cami – pair it with some skinnes and flats for day and pumps by night (yes, I did have a change of shoes in my car – girl has got to be prepared in case there is no time to swing back home).  This look is all over the streets of LA and NYC – but I will be proud to wear it on the streets of Minneapolis (oh wait…I already have…).  Some may think this look is only for the stick thin – but I would greatly disagree – you just have to know what to pair it with to flatter your body type and wear it confidently…I mean that is the real secret to pulling off any trend, my friends.

I just love how it can be super hipster chill or dress it up and look chic.  Like I said – you take the trend and make it work for your style.  That is how all trends really should be incorporated to your look – let it flourish your own sense of style, not take over and redefine you.

How do you feel about crop tops?  Going to try one this spring or summer?

Hope you are having a great start to your week, loves!  Off to enjoy my last full day in Cali…

Much love,


Cali Style…

Let me tell you – I love California style.  Granted there are far more than one look – but I am talking the West Hollywood look on the urban chic 20-something gal.  It is so fun and so me – only I don’t get to dress like that most of the year due to that wonderful thing called snow that never seems to want to leave good ole MN.  I love the whimsical layers to keep you warm when there is a breeze off the ocean – but so easy to whip off when the sun is beating on you warming you up while you are strolling down the streets (which is one of my favorite things to do here – I stroll down the streets checking out different parts of the city…West Hollywood is hands down my favorite so far…).

Yes, please.  I cannot get over cute hats for spring.  Simply adore.

And we all know that I love anything Oliva wears.  She may be in NYC now – but she is a true Cali girl.

I am loving LA.  Loving the style.  Loving friends I am making.  Nothing has been decided – but loving the potential and possibilities.

What are you up to this weekend?  MN friends – is it getting any warmer yet?  Will the snow be gone when I come back on Tuesday?? Have a good one, loves!  And to my MN friends – I really do miss you – even as I love my time out here – just wanted you to know that (you are not that easily replaced!).

Much love,


Each Day is a New Day…

Well my loves, I am safely in LA.  So thankful.  Because you could say it was an adventure to get here.  Plans were changing last minute – in fact some still are.  Had to deal with email fraud during my travels – making locating itineraries to say the least, slightly challenging.  But, I made it – and all in one piece without having a complete breakdown.  AND – today is a new day.  What I learned?  I have some pretty amazing friends and I have no idea what I want to do with my life – and that is okay.  These next five days will be huge to figure out this life I am imagining so I can start living it – but I also realized no major decision needs to be made today.  What I do need to do is enjoy the beauty of the ocean, soak in some warmth (hoping it doesn’t rain the whole time), and really think through what I want and why – oh, and enjoy the beautiful fashion I see walking down the streets – just not something you see everyday in the midwest – and we all know I appreciate beauty in fashion.  I mean – hello, Rodeo Drive (friends, it was my dream from a small child to walk down this street and soak in all the beauty and inspiration it gives – and last year was my first time to enjoy it, but let’s be honest I am ready to soak it in again).

The beauty that California is.

Happy Friday, loves.  I hope you have a fabulous weekend!  What are you doing this last weekend in March?!  Does anyone else think this year is flying by?

Much love,


Today is a New Day…

I first saw this a few months back on My Best Friend Jules and I fell in love with it instantly.  I want this to be my story.  So, today I will be flying from Minneapolis to LA.  Going in to this next week with an open mind – fighting off fear and excited to see what is awaiting me.  I may or may not pack up and move across the country – but I am hoping this will be a week to help open my eyes and see that life is pretty amazing – no matter where I end up.

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday, loves!  Excited to share my vaca with you!

Much love,