Conquering New Heights…

They are comfortable.  Perfect for spring and summer.  Come in all sorts of fun shades and styles.  Make your legs look great the way heels do without the pain at the end of the day.  Oh, and, they are great for walking.  They are wedges.  We have seen them time and time again – but this season they are everywhere and I could not be more thrilled or relieved (for my feet’s sake).  I love how they can come in great platforms, but do not look over the top.  I love them.  The problem I am now having is which pair to get?!

I adore this turquoise wedge from Urban Outfitters.  Especially for this season – I am love the pops of bold colors mixed against nudes.

Zara you leave me speechless.  Simply love.

I love this bright bold blue wedge from Zara.  I must have a shoe this color.  Soon.

A more traditional wedge, though still unique from Urban Outfitters.  I love the leather strap that goes over the sole – that subtle detail makes the shoe.

How do you feel about wedges?  Feel like you can conquer the world in them?

Covered in Coats…

Everyone needs a good winter coat.  Or two or three.  Especially when we are stuck in the doldrums of winter.  I mean if you are going to be in the cold – you might as well bundle up and look chic in the cold.  I struck gold last year when I was in Paris one day while I was out shopping at Zara (if you haven’t caught on yet…I really love Zara…).  I love my beautiful black coat…but there are so many others that keep catching my eye.  I mean there are just so many styles and colors.

I love the detailing on this jacket – just look at those gold buttons…and the large collar.

This image was captured by The Sartorialist – truly talented.  And just look at how great this navy coat is.  So chic.  And it would add a little variety to my black and gray collection…

Another captured by The Sartorialist – we see that men to coats too.  I always love a classic black coat on men – but they have room to go a little more bold.  Guys – a good coat is key to building a solid wardrobe – get one.  It will change your whole look.  Trust me.

Even little kids look good in a beautiful coat.  Really you should look at this whole post – one day I want to have children that look like this.  So precious.

Well friends, do you have a great coat that you adore?  What does it look like?  Do you have a few that you rotate between based off of the rest of your style?

Happy Friday – enjoy the weekend and stay warm!

Much love,


Looking Slick…

So, clearly there will be men accompanying all these beautiful ladies that are getting all primped and dolled up on Friday.  So, men, you need to be looking slick, sharp, and crisp (a personal favorite of one of my good guy friends).  Do you know what to wear?  How formal is your soiree?  We all know that I love Zara, especially when looking for a good going out look…and the best part, they have great looks for men, too.  Here are some good ones from the lookbook…

Every man needs a good coat.

You won’t need the bag for going out, but the rest of this look I love.  

Classic black always works for men, too.

Now, men, if you are feeling a little more casual, but still want to be semi dressed up – go out of your comfort zone and rock the skinny tie.

Or, you can always go with the suspenders.  Both of these last two looks you can get from Urban Outfitters.  Another one of my personal favorites.

So, men, what will it be?  Have big plans for New Year’s Eve?  Then, please, dress for the occassion.  Trust me, the ladies will love it…

Much love,


Take Me Out Tonight…

Well, friends, it is officially December.  You know what that means?  Lots and lots of nights out on the town celebrating the Holiday season to it’s fullest.  With that we will be in dire need of some wonderful evening looks.  Thankfully, Zara has risen to the occasion – not that we should be shocked, as they always are on top of the trends and keeping it at an affordable price without looking cheap.  How can we go wrong here?!  Take a look at a few of my favorites from the Evening Collection

Ladies can do bow ties, too...

I love all of these looks.  They make me want to get all dolled up and head on out with friends.  Do you like going out to multiple holiday parties in December, or is it overwhelming?  Are you the all dolled up (or guys all spruced up) or the give me my ugly Christmas sweater and I’m good to go type?

Whichever you prefer, hope you are ready for a month to celebrate with friends – Happy December, loves!

Much love,