Penciled In…



There is something about a pencil skirt that screams chic and professional to me.  Recently, I have been trying to embrace a more grown-up style as I am looking to advance my career.  One of the women I really respect at work said to me, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”  It was such a helpful thing to think on.  If I want to pursue my career and moving towards higher up leadership, such as executive level, I probably should not be wearing the cozy maxi skirts to the office.  However, whenever you need to make some changes to your style it is important to not lose you.  For me, pencil skirts are the perfect option because there are so many cute ones, which also helps to keep a youthful put together look.  That is also important because no woman wants to pre-maturely age herself.







How do you feel about pencil skirts?  How do you make them work for your style?

Much love,