Coming to a Close…

It is here.  The last day of 2010.  It has been real.  It has been fun.  But all things must come to a close so new beginnings can open.  So come on 2011, take us on an adventure.  So thankful for each and every one of you.  I have loved being able to share my passions and loves with you these past few months – and excited to keep on sharing, and hopefully keep on inspiring you in 2011. 

So, whatever you do tonight – whether you go out or stay in – have a wonderful night!  And, I will be talking to you in the new year!  Have a fabulous night, lovies!

Much love,


Dazzle All Night Long…

Still looking for that perfect look?  I may have the perfect little lookbook for you to turn to for inspiration.  The photos and outfits are stunning.  I cannot stop looking and thinking of how I can recreate these looks – especially using it for inspiration to go out in tomorrow night to welcome in the new year!  Thank you, Intermix, for giving us looks to shine in…and on top of that, I love their New Year’s resolution…”Glitter, glam, and money to party.”  Yes, please.

Ok, you knew I would have a sequin skirt here.  I just cannot get enough.  I love love love them.  This just might be my winning look for New Year’s…

And don’t forget to pick out the perfect pair of shoes!  So many options, but there is always the perfect pair to finish off the look.

Have you nailed down your plans for New Year’s?  Have your look all picked out?

Much love,



I am never a huge fan of resolutions.  I prefer making goals as them come to me and going after them.  Conviently, as 2010 comes to a close and 2011 faces us right in front of faces I am looking to see what is next.  I am not sure exactly where 2011 will take me, but the goal is to take chances.  Try something new.  Go outside of my comfort zone.  And really pursue my dreams.

There have been plenty of points where I have felt like this in my life, but I do not want to stop there.  I want to push through, learn from the pain and mistakes…

…and see where these little feet can take me.  (And, yes, these are the pink sparkly TOMS that where on the top of my wish list.  Given to me by two of my very dear sweet sweet friends.  Love them (the gals and the shoes).).  Bring it on 2011…never been more excited for the adventure called life that lays before me.

Are you a fan of making resolutions?  How about goals?  What are you aiming to do or change in 2011?

Much love,


Beautiful Mess…

2010 is coming to a close soon.  What a year it has been.  I don’t think anyone could have convinced me a year ago where 2010 would bring me.  Change of job (and a completely drastic change at that), change of house and neighborhood (I hadn’t moved for four years), life context change, people close to me dying (sorry, I know that is depressing, but it is reality), almost moved out of state (still unsettled about that…2011…could it be my year), and that is just the tip of the iceberg.  It has not all been easy and it has not all been bad.  I have made mistakes.  I have learned.  I have grown.  It has been a beautiful mess.  I rarely share pictures from my own life, but please, take a trip down memory lane with me…

A trip to Paris…and a little ladies family reunion since we were all there.  This was a great way to start off my year.  Though, I left Paris thinking my life was going one way and boy oh boy was I wrong.  Seems nothing ever really goes according to plan…but that is not always a bad thing.

My old job.  Yes, I was paid to hang out with these amazing women.  I loved it and miss them dearly.  This is from our last official group – and we went to my favorite little spot in Minneapolis.  Spyhouse. Love it and love them.

Summers in South Carolina.  On the beach.  I will miss those.  This is from the last few days of being on staff with Campus Outreach.  Such a sweet blessing in my life.  Such a great season of life.  It was heartbreaking to leave, but so right at the same time.

2010 was filled with weddings, as were the years in past, and many more to come in the upcoming years – but this was a year filled with some of my best friends getting married…in fact, two of my best friends married each other.  Love them.  Love weddings.  Love love (I mean Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday…).

My new roommates.  Love them dearly.  So thankful to have these two amazing women with me as I venture into this new season of life and we try to figure out where to go from here.  2010 has brought us all to an interesting place.  The fashionista meets the foodie meets the climber.  We together make a beautiful mess as we figure out our lives, which are a beautiful mess in and of themselves.

Where has 2010 brought you, loves?  Learned anything that has changed your view on life? 2010 has been a good year, but I am so excited to see where 2011 will bring me.  Thankful to have you all along for the ride!

Much love,


Looking Slick…

So, clearly there will be men accompanying all these beautiful ladies that are getting all primped and dolled up on Friday.  So, men, you need to be looking slick, sharp, and crisp (a personal favorite of one of my good guy friends).  Do you know what to wear?  How formal is your soiree?  We all know that I love Zara, especially when looking for a good going out look…and the best part, they have great looks for men, too.  Here are some good ones from the lookbook…

Every man needs a good coat.

You won’t need the bag for going out, but the rest of this look I love.  

Classic black always works for men, too.

Now, men, if you are feeling a little more casual, but still want to be semi dressed up – go out of your comfort zone and rock the skinny tie.

Or, you can always go with the suspenders.  Both of these last two looks you can get from Urban Outfitters.  Another one of my personal favorites.

So, men, what will it be?  Have big plans for New Year’s Eve?  Then, please, dress for the occassion.  Trust me, the ladies will love it…

Much love,


Little Black Dress…

Another great option for any soiree is a little black dress.  You can never seem to have too many.  They always pull through for you – no matter what the case may be.  Black looks good on everyone.  Is flattering.  And let’s face it, it is hot.  One of my favorite places to stop and look for a fun new little black dress is Francesca’s.  They always have a good selection, and again just like Primp, it is affordable.  Love that.

Bouquet of Lace.  $48.  AND…it has pockets!  A girl’s best friend when going out.

Floral Mystique.  $38.  Fun but still safe.

Sparkle & Dine.  $48.  You had me at sparkle.  Since I live in the land of the tundra, I would pair this adorable tunic with some black tights.  Though, according to Vogue, bare legs are in – I just do not know if I am willing to suffer that much for fashion.  I know, but seriously people, it is cold here (as I may have mentioned a time or two…).

Are you a fan of the little black dress?  Do you have your one you fall back on?  Or are you constantly buying new ones?

Much love,


Primp Yourself…

Well, the family holidays are over but by no means are the holidays over.  This Friday we have the wonderful New Year’s Eve.  A night filled with beautiful soirees and a perfect excuse to get all dolled up in a fun little dress.  If you are from the Twin Cities area (sorry, loves, if you are not – guess this will give you an excuse to come visit…) there is a little boutique over in St.Paul on Selby & Dale that you HAVE to check out.  Primp.  They opened earlier this fall for women who are, “fashion-obsessed and broke.”  How fun is that?!  And – they have some great dresses you could wear this weekend to your parties – and no worries, they have great affordable accessories, too, to finish off the look.  I was so excited when I found this little gold mine – I just couldn’t keep it to myself!

I love black.  I love ruffles.  I love that this dress is only $48.  Basically, I love this dress.

Simple.  Elegant.  $42.  Love.  A great option for those of us in the colder parts of the world…

Because New Year’s Eve is always a good excuse to add a little sparkle to your look.  Plus, who doesn’t want to wear sequins when the dress is only $58.

A little fancier if that is what your occasion calls for.  But still, not a fancier price.  Dress: $44.  Pashmina: $18.  What a steal.

So see, loves, it is time you head over to St. Paul and Primp yourself.  If not to get a dress, at least check out the great accessories.  Do you have any big plans for this Friday?  Know what you are wearing already?

Happy Monday – hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Much love,


It Keeps On Coming…

Once again, it snowed.  Not as much as the last few blizzards but still.  We will indeed have a white Christmas.  But every time it snows it makes me want to crawl in here…

…and hibernate until it all melts away.  However, I cannot because it is Christmas and I still have more of these to get and wrap before tomorrow a.m. …

…so after enjoying a quiet morning, I will head on out and brave the snow to get the final things.  Then, it is off to celebrate Christmas with good friends.  And would love to wear these…

…because I love all things that sparkle.  However you find yourself celebrating this weekend – I do wish you and yours a wonderfully merry merry Christmas! 

Merry Christmas Eve, loves!

Much love,