Weekend Extended…



I love holiday weekends.  There is something about an extended weekend that is so refreshing, I actually feel like I get time to recover.  Though, this weekend has been full with volunteer work advising recruitment – but it is fun work, so totally worth it.  It is crazy to think that September has started and summer is really coming to an end.  Hope however you are ending the summer, it is getting to be an extended and refreshing weekend!

How are you spending your Labor Day?

Much love,


Summertime & the Living is Easy…



Today is totally the epitome of summertime and the living is easy here in the States.  Happy fourth to my fellow Americans – hope whatever you are doing you are relaxing and enjoying the beauty of summer.  I am off to the pool to soak up some rays and then listen to some live music and I’m sure fireworks will be involved later tonight.  Love days like this.

What are you doing to celebrate the fourth??

Much love,


Let Freedom Reign…



The fourth is only two days away (how did that happen by the way?!!).  That means, it is time to nail down the perfect look for festivities on the fourth.  I will be spending the first part of the day at the pool with the bou, but from there I need to come up with a look that lets my inner American shine through.  I am not one to sport a full on flag, but if that’s your thing – then rock it.  I mean we are the land of freedom, so let that freedom reign, starting with your fourth outfit.







What are you planning to wear for the fourth?  If you’re not from the USA, what do you wear for you nation’s special day?

Much love,




For the Momma’s…



Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all the mothers out there!  Whether you get to be with your momma, or momma’s with their little bits, I hope you have a fabulous day.  As someone who did not always have the easiest time on this day – I am sorry and know you are not alone AND don’t ever lose hope.  Miracles do happen – redemption is real – and I say that as someone who almost did give up and is living this very real redemption.  I love my momma and wouldn’t want any other lady to be my mom.  Just look at us…

photo (2)


…that sweet love has been restored and I couldn’t be happier.  Happy Mother’s Day, Momma!  Love you so much and am SO thankful for your life!!  And Happy Mother’s Day to all the other lover mothers!

Are you doing anything for Mother’s Day?  Do you have any fun mother/daughter traditions?

Much love,


A Full Free Weekend…



It is Easter weekend and because of that I have a “normal” weekend – aka a weekend off from Yoga Teacher Training.  It is fun to get time to catch up with some friends.  Tomorrow I will be checking out a new church in the AM and then heading to celebrate Easter with some of my friends who have become my family.  I love getting to spend the holidays with them.  However, this year I do have to bring my own food since they are southern and cook holiday meals with butter being the main ingredient, oh well – totally worth it to get to be with them!

What are you doing to celebrate Easter weekend?  Have a great weekend!

Much love,


Luck of the Irish…


Happy St. Patrick’s Day weekend, lovies!  Where ever you find yourself, no matter your nationality – put on your green and let your inner Irish out.  I am fairly Irish, but the only green beverages I will be drinking this year are green smoothies and green tea soy lattes.  Even with that, I still plan to hang out with friends and enjoy the fun spirit of the day.

What are you doing to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

Much love,


Five Loves…



I love her hair.  I love her hair so much that the other night when I laid eyes on it I immediately scheduled a hair appointment for an ombre treatment to my locks.  I have had grown out blonde chunky highlights for son long, it seemed like the best idea to change up my look some.  When I get inspiration, I go with it, instantly.



I love tattoos and have been craving another.  Specifically, one on my mid back like this. I would prefer a design similar to this but more with an elephant in it, I know shocking – I want an elephant tattoo.  This is serving as inspiration to get on the designing of my next one…



Her look is stylish, chic and simple.  A lovely lady inspiring me this fine Friday.



Winter refuses to leave.  So, I am taking this photo and using it as my inspiration to go have fun and play in the snow.  Have to make the most out of everything, right?!!

photo (38)


I am absolutely obsessed with these stunning new shoes that I simply had to have the other day when I laid eyes on them.  I still was on the hunt for the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit.  These little gems were the perfect inspiration to be the muse for my whole look, so naturally I had to purchase them – plus, I got 20% off for having on red (which happened to be a pair of Christmas socks due to it being laundry day – worked out well for me)!!

What are you drawing inspiration from this week and loving?

Much love,


Happy Valentines Day, Lovies…



Happy Valentines Day, lovies!!  Hope you find a way to share your love today no matter if you have that special someone as your Valentine or if you share it with a group of your dear friends.  After a full day at work, I will be heading to a dinner party with some friends and then going to one of my favorite places in the city for cocktails with a few of my favorite single ladies.  We will be looking gorgeous in our shades of red and pink, celebrating love and sharing it with one another.  It has been a long standing tradition to go out with my girlfriends on Vday, and this year it is even more important to celebrate with all the new singleness that seems to have hit our group – but that is alright, because what’s more fun than a group of single ladies?!  A group of newly single ladies, that is what!





Do you have plans for Valentines Day?  How will you be celebrating?  What will you be wearing?

Much love,