Sick, Not so Chic…



Well, I think the flu bug have finally caught up with me.  No looking glamorous today.  Today, it was merely crawl out of bed and put on a big cozy sweater and my hair in a pony tail with glasses because my body is feeling like death.  I came home from work yesterday afternoon and went to bed, and slept pretty much until the morning – so hopefully I can make it through the day – if not, at least I will be at a clinic.  We are going for survival today and sacrificing the chic.



Have you gotten sick this year?  Has it totally taken you out or just not left you at full steam?  How does it affect your style?

Much love,



The other night one of my best friends came over to hang out with me because I was missing my friend who had headed back across the Atlantic.  She played this song for me and it captured me, Transatlanticism by Death Cab for Cutie.  I love that moment when a song grabs you and pulls you in and sings to you the words you were feeling all along.  This life is filled with weird adventures that we could have never dreamt up on our own, and apparently I am getting to start a new one – just glad I have a bestie who has gone before me on this experience so she can give me tips along the way.

What song most recently has met you right where you are and put words to your feelings?

Much love,


Let’s Cap it Off…



Flats or pumps – I am loving a toe that is capped off with a different material.  The most common to see is a gold or metallic.  They are so fun – I seriously cannot get enough of them.  I think I really have been on an extreme shoe kick recently, but all I want to do is buy shoes (do not worry – I have been responsible and refrained) – there are so many stunning pairs out there that would look perfect on my feet.  Plus, this style is fun for the office, but still professional looking and translates into an evening look perfectly.



How do you feel about the cap-toe trend?  And is anyone else feeling a shoe shopping craving?

Much love,


Glitter in the Horizontals…


If I summed January up with two style trends, it would be glitter and stripes.  Seriously, I have an addiction and I am okay with it.  I love the two, and love the two together even more.  The New Year’s sparkles are still lingering and I am loving having a little glitter to add some shine to these cold wintery days.



What trends can you still not seem to get enough of?  Are you a fan of the sequins?

Much love,


When the Snow Falls…



Fresh snow fell all over the streets of the twin cities last night.  It was fun to go out and stomp around in the snow, but the key to keeping it fun is staying bundled up.  Scarves wrapped around your neck and hats to top you off are keys to to bundling up.  Plus, there are so many options that the cute looks are endless.  You can keep the same coat on every day and change up your look by changing the accessories – I love that.







How do you stay warm and chic when the snow falls on you?

Much love,


Beer Dabbler…



For Christmas, I received a ticket to the annual Beer Dabbler Showcase in St. Paul at the Winter Carnival.  The day has come and I cannot wait!  This morning was completely classy as I was at the annual Founder’s Day for my sorority, but I will be changing up my look for this afternoon.  It is still freezing, but that just means keep drinking the beer – it will make us feel warmer.  And of course, wear a fabulous hat that is both cute and warm. So, with that loves – I am off to start layering on the layers before I head out.  Cheers!

Are you a beer girl?  Or what is your beverage of choice?  I don’t like to be exclusive – I enjoy all types.

Five Loves…



These Alexander McQueen’s make me speechless.  Love at first sight.



And these Christian Louboutin’s are the grown up version of ruby red slippers.  Wouldn’t mind clicking my heels in these.



These brightly colored peep toe heels would be perfect for the first spring days.



After running around in all those fabulous heels, I am going to need a fabulous pair of flats to give my little feet a break – and these would be perfect.



Yes.  Words to live by.  And on that note, I think we may be in need of some retail therapy – starting with shoes.

What is your favorite thing to go shopping for?  Shoes?  Bags?  Clothes?  Or something else?

Much love,


Smiling in Scallops



Yes, it is still freezing cold out, but it is extremely helpful to be thinking about spring because then I remember it will get warm again one day.  In all this thinking about spring I have started to look at trends for the spring.  Scallops.  They are everywhere this spring.    They have a fun little smile to them, which adds that carefree spirit that is perfect for spring.







Do you think you will indulge in this trend?  Is there anything you have seen that you are excited for this spring?

Much love,