It’s a Date Night…


One of the most fun things I have been enjoying as of late is getting to have date nights with the bou and another couple that one of us is friends with (though, let’s be honest – he has been a way big sport and goes on double dates with my friends far more than we do with his friends).  It is fun to get to hang out with friends like this – plus, it is another fabulous excuse to get a little dolled up for a week night and take a stroll out on the town.  Minneapolis certainly has a growing foodie world and I love every excuse to explore it more and more, so why not bring along some friends to indulge in the fun with.  Tonight we will be heading to Marvel and The Bachelor Farmer with two of my best friends from college who happened to fall in love and get married.  Eep!  Now, I just need to pick out the perfect look…







What do you do for date nights (with your bou or the girlies)?  Do you use it as an excuse to get dolled up?

Much love,


Five Loves…

photo (14)


I love living two blocks away from the Farmer’s Market – all sorts of goodies for the soul and tummy.  Seriously, my house smells divine from the fresh flowers this week.

photo (16)


Late night trips to my favorite little ice cream shop with my love.  Never gets old.  Love those sweet treats.



Love this whole look.  The detailing on the back is so fabulous.  And those wedges – I love the zipper up the back of the heel.



Can Tory Burch do anything wrong when it comes to designing?!!  I think not.  Another fabulous pair of heels – so adorable.

photo (15)


Girls’ Night came to a close this week for this season – I love these ladies and spending my Monday nights with them as we discover who is there for the right reasons on the journey of love to find their perfect honeymoon…if you watch The Bachelor/Bachelorette you get all the phrases…it’s a thing.  Plus, I loved this seasons ending – so so sweet.

What are the sweet little things in your life you are loving today?

Much love,



For the Momma’s…



Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all the mothers out there!  Whether you get to be with your momma, or momma’s with their little bits, I hope you have a fabulous day.  As someone who did not always have the easiest time on this day – I am sorry and know you are not alone AND don’t ever lose hope.  Miracles do happen – redemption is real – and I say that as someone who almost did give up and is living this very real redemption.  I love my momma and wouldn’t want any other lady to be my mom.  Just look at us…

photo (2)


…that sweet love has been restored and I couldn’t be happier.  Happy Mother’s Day, Momma!  Love you so much and am SO thankful for your life!!  And Happy Mother’s Day to all the other lover mothers!

Are you doing anything for Mother’s Day?  Do you have any fun mother/daughter traditions?

Much love,


Five Loves…



I seriously have been having a love affair with maxis more and more as of late.  This beautiful print maxi has me desiring yet another one – it is so easy and stunning at the same time.



Another love affair I have been having as of late is with the perfect accent chair.  Just look at that chair – everything about it is fabulous.  I even know right where I would put it in my house…maybe one day.



The perfect Saturday afternoon outfit.  Every little detail is fabulous.



I have a thing about bags – I feel that no woman can ever have too many.  I love this clutch for an evening out on a patio – now doesn’t that sound lovely?!



This is a beautiful map of the world.  Love is not dead, my friends – and we cannot forget that.

Have you caught spring fever?  What does it have you having a love affair with?

Much love,


The Great Divide…

Okay, you could say that I am somewhat of a music junkie.  You want to go see a show?  I am your go to girl so you are not alone.  Lucky for me, I live in a city that is full of all sorts of other music junkies and so there are always amazing shows happening here.  Last Saturday, I went to see Family of the Year and The Mowgli’s.  This was my second time getting to see Family of the Year, but my first time with The Mowgli’s.  I seriously fell in love during the show.  They were amazing performers, but more than that they were beautiful souls.  I could not get over their way of life – as it was so yogic.  It certainly was one of the best times I have ever had at a show and I got to share it with my bestie, so it couldn’t have been any better…oh, it could actually.  I also got to sing vocals on their song San Francisco, which totally caught me off guard, but I loved every moment of it (I totally wish I was a traveling musician getting to share beautiful music with other lovies).  Seriously, check this band out – and not just their music, but also their way of life.  Believe in love.  It is not dead.  So, go share it with others to help make this world a little bit better by one random act of kindness at a time.

What band or bands do you love and also love what they stand for?

Much love,