Rocky Horror Picture Show…

It is that time of year, friends – Halloween.  Which also means, it is Rocky Horror Picture Show time!  Now I grew up watching this every year on Halloween from about the age of four (yes, I said 4…lets not even begin to discuss how inappropriate that probably is…but hey, I turned out alright and just more cultured…right?!), but up until this year had never actually gone to see the show at the theater with all the props.  Thanks to a wonderful friend who twisted my arm and said I had to go, even after a long week of work, I went…and well, it was not exactly what I was expecting, but I guess I am thankful I can now say I have gone – but do not think I will be making it a tradition.  I will stick to the lets dress up and have the props at home…  I threw together a Magenta costume in about 5 minutes and grabbed all the props I could find around the house with my friend, Emily, filling in the ones I did not have.  It was an experience, that is for sure.

B & Emily with some of our Rocky Horror props...

Then, Saturday I went to another Halloween party and went as…well…my self in high school…aka a cheerleader – but in all of my old stuff.  I won the award for most efficient costume…at least I won something, right?!

Cheerleader...making a pit stop for gas...

So, friends…how was your Halloween, everything you imagined and more?  Any fun adventures or traditions for you this year?

Night, lovies!  Have a good start to the week and happy November!

Much love,


Fashion Fright Night…

Last night I got to cash in on one of my birthday presents and go to Fashion NOW – Fashion Fright Night put on by 96.3 NOW radio station and Kodak at the Fineline in downtown Minneapolis.  I got to share the evening with my dear friend, Cas – it was so fun getting to comment and critique the event together.  And we had wonderful seats to do this – we were in the second row, with the official critics sitting right in front of us – very legit!

B & C before the show began...

Okay, so for the most part the fashion was great!  The musical acts…well, one was great – the other not so much…

Let’s start with the fashion.  We saw looks from Jungle Red Salon and Spa (Hair and Make-up), Ariel Simone by Adrienne Yancy, Buckle Mall of America, Primp, Elsworth Menswear, Pink Door Boutique, and Christopher Straub (who you may recognize from Project Runway).  From the more local places we saw current looks and they were fun and inspiring.  However, from Christopher Straub we got to see his Spring 2011 line, which was inspired by a walk through the garden.  We saw a lot of color and print – and the main color we saw was green.  This was very fitting with all the other Spring 2011 lines we have been seeing – full of color – enjoy your blacks this winter, but come spring put on your shades because we will be wearing bright colors.  He also loves texture and that was very clear by watching his line come down the runway.  Now, I am a fan of texture – but you can get to the too much point where texture stops being interesting and starts being bulky – to the point of making you look like you are about 20 pounds heavier, and no one wants that.  Other than that the line was beautifully sculpted and executed.

Would love to wear this little cocktail dress...

Green gown paired with purple tote

Not a Christopher piece but I LOVED the look and this model

Now for the music…so they say that the newest up and coming recording artist from Minneapolis is Ellis One.  And good night, I hope that is not a true statement because they are straight out of the 90’s with their boy band-ish-ness, cheesy lyrics and really bad dance moves.  It was nothing to be excited about – at least not for this music fanatic.  Maybe with some severe over producing they could sound good, but nothing to see live – and really anyone can sound good with the right producer.  The other musical guest was Miguel – and he was actually really good.  He knows how to entertain…especially the ladies.  In fact, the ladies were almost as fun to watch as Miguel himself.  He sure had some great moves – and his band was no let down, either.  Glad they were the closing act.


All and all, I would say Fashion NOW – Fashion Fright Night was a success and much more beautiful than frightful – but I am thankful for that!  It was a good fashion show for Minneapolis, but we still have a ways to go until we reach NYC Fashion Week status…oh that would be the day…wouldn’t?!  Minneapolis Fashion Week….ooo I like the sound of that!  Do you agree, loves???

Much love,


photos taken with my favorite new app for my iPhone – Hipstamatic

Baby It’s Cold Outside…

When living in the wonderful land of the tundra, aka Minnesota, it is cold here the majority of the year.  Now, we were extremely blessed to have an extra warm September and first part of October – and are not doing as bad as other places, such as Fargo and their 6-8 inches of snow – but good night it is freezing outside today!  The winds are blowing tumbleweeds around in the metro area (one got stuck in the front of my car this morning while I was driving to work).  It is a little ridiculous.  However, one thing I love about the cold (and maybe the only thing, but at least that is one…) is getting to bundle up in cute scarves and hats and mittens…I love wearing mittens!  Now, I am not quite ready for snow (and really do not want to have a repeat of the Snow Blizzard of ’91, which was extremely traumatizing for a six year old who was supposed to be a hoola-girl for Haloween and last minute turned into an Eskimo…it was rough, trust me people), but I am ready to bust out my scarves and mittens…and how could I almost forget…my winter coats!  I am getting excited to bust out my coat I purchased last year while I was in Paris – it is so warm, and looks stunning.

All bundled up...

How do you keep warm when mother nature decides to hit you with winter out of no where?

Stay warm, lovies!

Much love,


photo courtesy of Emilie Toll Photography

Button Up…

Buttons, buttons, buttons.  They are a trend that is everywhere and I am loving it.  I have always collected fun buttons and enjoy that they can be an accessory that can also be extremely funciontal.  They were all over the catwalks in military-esque at Burberry, brass at Balmain, double-breasted at Oscar de la Renta, and oversized and feathered at Louis Vuitton – and now with it turning to the colder fall they are all over the streets on beautiful coats. 


Are you all about the button trend?  Or are you just going to stick to the basic functional button?  Either way – you get to say you are being trendy this fall.

Much love,


Photos courtesy of British Vogue (I have been loving this website recently)

Chocolate Lovers…

This may be one of the coolest things I have ever found…customize your own chocolate bar?! Yes, please!  As a chocolate lover I would have to say, Chocomize may have one of the most brilliant ideas out there.  Especially for those of us that need a little pick me up on a Friday afternoon at work.  And it gets better, you can even head over to A Cup of Jo for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate to Chocomize so you could create all sorts of personal creations…

Making my mouth water...

What would your creation combination be?!  I would like dark chocolate with cinnamon, cookie dough, blueberries, sour patch kids, and flax seed (to give it something nutritional…).  Mmm…

You Know You’re a Fashionista When…

1.  You have to buy a button down shirt for your office job, but you will only buy one with ruffles on it.

2.  Rachel Zoe makes an appearance in your dream –  you are putting on lipstick in the ladies room and take one look at her shoes and instantly comment how much you love them.

3.  Try on all four pairs of black boots to ensure you put on the right pair for the outfit, which you are only wearing for a quick run to Starbucks.

4. Your accessories becoming functioning art in your room when not being worn.

5.  You eat PB&J for a week to afford that new pair of boots, that you simply need to have.

6.  You make sure to have your evening free when you know your newest issue of Vogue is arriving in the mail.

7.  A dress, pair of shoes, or other fashion item takes your breath away because there are simply no words to describe its beauty.

8.  You view fashion as art that you get to wear every day – meaning you get to be the artist starting with a blank canvas every morning.

9.  You see a beautiful scenery and think, this would be perfect for a fashion shoot and start dreaming of all the styles you would put together to go with the colors of the scene.

10.  You style everything, even your sweats…

What do you think makes a fahionista?!



photo courtesy of Wolf and Willow and Vogue UK

Jo Post…

So as you all know I had the privilege of winning the Niko Jo Handbag a couple weeks ago.  Well, since I have been loving it so much and carrying it with me pretty much every where I go they decided to do a little post about me.  You can check it out here and take some time to look around the rest of their blog, too.

B & Niko

Hope you are having a fabulous Monday, friends!

Much love,


Pillow Fight…

I still need new throw pillows for my bed since my old ones were…well, a little dated and young.  To put it nicely.  Either way, I have been on the hunt for the perfect pillows.  I do not want them to be too matchy matchy – that would just look weird in my room and not be me at all.  At the same time, I want them to look chic and mix in well with the rest of my room.  Thus, I have entered into a pillow fight – with myself.  So, friends, I have a few in mind I like but I would love for some feedback and suggestions!  Here are a few I have been looking at…


Photo Courtesy of Beautiful Decay



Photo courtesy of West Elm...I like the one with yellow in it


Photo courtesy of CB2

Photo courtesy of Etsy

So, what are your thoughts?  Do you have any other ideas for where I should look for fun decorative pillows that will end my pillow fight and go with my little haven of a room?

Thanks, friends!  Hope you are having a lovely weekend!  Much love.


Happy Birthday B…

Okay, so it is a few days late seeing as how my actual birthday was on Monday, but everyone else seems to be helping celebrate my birthday for an extended period I thought I could get away with it, too!  And – I just really wanted to say thank you publicly.  So with that, I would like to thank all of my amazing friends for making me feel so loved as I hit this big mark of a quarter of a century!  From the Facebook posts and messages, tweets, texts, phone calls, serenades, suprise gifts in the mail, cards and multiple gatherings celebrating the anniversary of my birth – you have clearly left me with no question…I am loved and I am so thankful.  One of the most wonderful parts of the multiple smaller gatherings was getting to experience so many wonderful little spots in Minneapolis (those to come in future posts…) that I have always wanted to go to, and I even got introduced to a few new places along the way!  It all helped so I avoided the, “quarter-life crisis stirring in my soul,” as my favorite John Mayer sings about in Why Georgia? Which, I was extremely thankful to avoid – in fact, I am excited about 25.  And I’m excited to be spending 25 in Minneapolis – who would have thought I would have ever say that?! 

B blowing out all 25 candles

So, again, thank you dear friends for helping me celebrate – and making turning 25 so wonderful (especially since both the Twins and Vikings failed to help…)!

Much love,