Sun Gods to Gamma Rays…

Last week I went to an event called Rock the Link to support ending youth homelessness in the Twin Cities.  There were five amazing local bands that played.  Some I knew prior and some where new to me – Sun Gods to Gamma Rays being my favorite new find.  They are so chill it sends shivers down my back.  This is their first single, which you can hear on The Current (go request it!), Burn Me Through.  

How are you discovering new music?  Do you ever go to shows where you do not know the band or bands playing?

Much love,


Summer of Cuffs…



Accessories are fabulous.  I simply can never get enough of them.  However, when it gets hot out, it can be hard to want to put a bunch on because it gets to be too hot and sticky.  So, my favorite thing this summer is wearing cuffs.  They cover a larger part of the wrist, but also tend to be a little looser so letting your have a fabulous accessorized look but not suffocating your wrist.







How do you feel about cuffs?  Are you a gold or silver person?

Much love,


Caught in a Summer Breeze…


There is something about a breeze in summer that makes me think of a whimsical romance.  The ease it moves a flowy skirt with and has it dancing through the air.  It’s beautiful.  And, it feels fabulous on those extremely hot days.  I am always a fan of dresses and skirts over pants, but especially in the summer.  I love that carefree spirit a light summer dress has about it.




Do you wear flowy skirts and dress that dance when you get caught in a summer breeze?

Much love,


The Midi…



The mid-length skirt can really be a hit or miss.  There is something modest about it that makes it appropriate to wear to the office.  However, it has to be styled well to not throw off how your proportions look or make you look frumpy.  Cinching in the waist with a cute belt can really help when styling your mid-length skirt.  Also, pairing it with heels will help lengthen you out, making it so the skirt does not cut your legs off at a terrible spot.

The Midi Skirt




How do you feel about the midi-length skirt?  How do you style it to make it work for you?

Much love,


Running Away…



Hahahaha – how funny is this?!!  And you know it is so true – that is the best part.

Lovies, the week is done.  Leave work at the office and enjoy yourself – I say that as a reminder to myself because this is certainly a week that I will gladly leave behind for my sanity.  Peace and love.

Much love,


Five Loves…


So true.  I am always for the product that gives back over the designer bag – but maybe that’s just me.  Though, I am learning it is not only me and that is a refreshing and hopeful thought for our world.



Seriously, every time I see this skirt I want it that much more.  Damn.  So cute.



How can you go wrong with red?  Especially when everything else is kept natural?!  Oh yea, you can’t because it is simply stunning.



Playing with patterns.  I love it so much.  So inspiring.  And, look at those teal heels – in love.



A refreshing cocktail for a Friday afternoon.  Nothing I love more at the end of a long week.

Are you a happy hour goer?  What is your favorite beverage for summertime on the patios?

Much love,





Little kids and fashion paired together melts my heart.  Every time.  Seriously, I cannot get enough of it.  So, I had to share some of my current heart tugs with my lovies.  Though, I am always tracking more over here.  The other thing I love about all of these images is that they are fabulous inspiration of style that would often look good on an adult woman, in an appropriate size of course!  Little fashionistas in the making – how can it not make you smile?!!







Are you a kid person?  What about a little fashionista person?

Much love,


Loving Layers…



I do love my accessories.  Normally, I am one to layer the rings and bracelets.  However, this week I have not really been able to do the ring thing because I was stung by a bee and my fingers and hand are swollen (it’s a great look, let me tell you).  Lucky for me, layering necklaces is totally trendy right now so I do not have to go through withdrawal while I wait for the swelling to go down.  This is a look you can do with chunky necklaces or delicate.  There is certainly a time and place for each look, but I am certainly drawn to layering the delicates.



Do you layer any of your necklaces?  Any other accessories?

Much love,