A Full Free Weekend…



It is Easter weekend and because of that I have a “normal” weekend – aka a weekend off from Yoga Teacher Training.  It is fun to get time to catch up with some friends.  Tomorrow I will be checking out a new church in the AM and then heading to celebrate Easter with some of my friends who have become my family.  I love getting to spend the holidays with them.  However, this year I do have to bring my own food since they are southern and cook holiday meals with butter being the main ingredient, oh well – totally worth it to get to be with them!

What are you doing to celebrate Easter weekend?  Have a great weekend!

Much love,


Five Loves…



The perfect look for easing into spring.  Baring the legs with a cozy sweater to keep you warm – love it.  And that clutch finishes the look off perfectly.



A little DIY project.  I love these painted feathers to stick in my hair or in a hat – how lovely.



Love this look – perfect for a Minnesota spring Saturday.



Little sweet treats.  With chia seeds.  Vegan.  And gluten free.  Now, that is divine if you ask me.  My days as a vegan is bringing out a domestic goddess in me that I had forgotten was even there.



Love this whole look.  Can I please get dressed up like this – I mean the necklace alone is enough to have me swooning.  And loving the tattoo down her back – I have been itching to get a new tattoo real bad.

What are you loving and craving these days?

Much love,



Absolutely Fabulous…



As a lover of art and a lover of fashion, this fabulous post by Absolutely Fabulous had me swooning.  I love how they took classic pieces of art and used them as a muse and paired some MOO Sunglasses to spice up their rendition.  And then on top of that, I also am falling in love with their whole blog.  These two ladies have class, style, sas and looks like they have a lot of fun with life – such an inspiration, I had to do a little feature and share this gem with you.  Though, they are kind of a big deal, so maybe you already know how fabulous they truly are already.  Here are some of their other fun renditions of the classics, that certainly are absolutely fabulous…







Do you follow Absolutely Fabulous?  What are some of your favorite fashion blogs?

Much love,


I Wanna Make This Plain…

Need something a little more chill, or smooth operator if you will, today?!  Then you should really do yourself a favor and check out Rhye’s album Woman.  The whole thing is fabulous.  I have been listening to it almost daily at work for the past week.  A good friend sent it to me because he thought it was right up my alley – and dang, he was right.  I am loving it.  Open is the first track on the album and I had to share that one since it got me right away at the intro.  They say this album is a new mix for the lovers dance floor…just give it a listen and you will understand.   And if you can’t put it to use there, it certainly will help you chill out.  The musicality is smooth and captivating.  If that doesn’t grab you, listen to the lyrics because they are beautiful the way they are strung together and dance over the notes.

What new music have you been introduced to recently?

Much love,


It’s a Thing {Socks & Sandals}…



Socks and heels is a thing, and now this spring the sandals want in on the fun, too.  Especially when it comes to a good pair of Birkenstocks, which as a northern Minnesota girl I am all about.  It also appears this spring the outdoorsy gals will not be the only ones wearing a more hardy pair of sandals, which our feet will love us for, because they are certainly making a statement.  I love that a very natural and practical sandal can be paired with a cute spring or summer look and still be fashionable.  That is what I call a practical fashionista – and we all know we need a day or two like that!





Will you be rocking the socks and sandals look?  How about with some birks of your own?

Much love,


In the Trenches…



Spring is slowly but surely coming out to play.  So, what does that mean?!  Time to put away the winter jacket and find the perfect spring coat.  I am personally a fan of spring trench coats – but finding the perfect one is not as easy as I would like it to be.  I mean, let’s be honest – I would love a Burberry trench coat, but I am not sure that would be the best financial decision.  Last year, I got a super cute one for only $40 at a local boutique, but the price is revealing of the quality – it faded in an interesting way in spots and buttons came off.  It was great for a season, but by no means an answer for this spring – thus, I am back at square one.







What is your go-to spring coat?  How do you make it work with your style?

Much love,


Dress Shirt as a Dress…



Who says a dress shirt is only made to be tucked into your work slacks?  Okay, well if it is a short one, then that is probably a good idea, but who says it has to be short?  I love shirt dresses.  It is like an extended length dress shirt.  Throw a little belt around it to synch at the waist and you have a very simple look that is feminine and cute.  Some prints can even work for the office and then transition perfectly to a patio – now doesn’t that sound lovely, if only spring would get the hint and show up already.





How would you style a shirt dress?  

Much love,


Sweet Surrender…



I can barely believe it is already the fourth weekend of Yoga Teacher Training.  In some ways it has flown by and in other ways I keep thinking it has to have been a lot longer since I have learned so much.  I have taught my first yoga class, but more than learning the poses and flow of the class – I have learned about myself.  There is a sweet surrender that is happening – an acceptance of who I have been created to be.  I feel like I have finally found my thing – it just fits.  It really is beautiful, especially seeing that yoga goes so much further than my mat.

Have you found what your thing is?  What is it?  How did you find it?

Much love,