Cali Style…

Let me tell you – I love California style.  Granted there are far more than one look – but I am talking the West Hollywood look on the urban chic 20-something gal.  It is so fun and so me – only I don’t get to dress like that most of the year due to that wonderful thing called snow that never seems to want to leave good ole MN.  I love the whimsical layers to keep you warm when there is a breeze off the ocean – but so easy to whip off when the sun is beating on you warming you up while you are strolling down the streets (which is one of my favorite things to do here – I stroll down the streets checking out different parts of the city…West Hollywood is hands down my favorite so far…).

Yes, please.  I cannot get over cute hats for spring.  Simply adore.

And we all know that I love anything Oliva wears.  She may be in NYC now – but she is a true Cali girl.

I am loving LA.  Loving the style.  Loving friends I am making.  Nothing has been decided – but loving the potential and possibilities.

What are you up to this weekend?  MN friends – is it getting any warmer yet?  Will the snow be gone when I come back on Tuesday?? Have a good one, loves!  And to my MN friends – I really do miss you – even as I love my time out here – just wanted you to know that (you are not that easily replaced!).

Much love,