Thigh High for Fall…



Now, when most people hear thigh high boots, classy is most likely not the first thing that comes to mind.  And granted, that is a legitimate thing because often they can look trashy.  However, this fall is redeeming the image of thigh high boots.  The height can be done in a way that still is sexy, but also kept classy.  I mean, if Celine and Chanel are willing to send looks down their runways with thigh highs, there clearly is a way to do them right.  I love the way they add a sleekness to a woman’s leg.  There are far more options in heeled boots, but there are some flat ones as well that are stunning.  I would love to add a black pair to my boot collection and then style them with a black nylon underneath so the small portion of my leg that would show would still be slightly covered.  It adds a dramatic feel to the look in a subtle way.







How do you feel about thigh high boots?  Will you be embracing the trend this fall?  What color would you want?

Much love,


Crushing on Janessa Leone…



I love a free spirit.  I love beautiful design.  And, I love love love hats.  So naturally, I would have a major crush on Janessa Leone.  The fabulous brand based out of Los Angeles .  They make beautiful pieces that take to their owner and really becoming an individual piece.  This brand is driven to revive a time when people treasured clothing as something to be kept and passed down to future generations, a meaningful item that transcends its value as a mere commodity.  Now I just need to make sure I do not buy every hat she has…but they’re so pretty…





Are you a hat lover?  What is your favorite style to wear?

Much love,



Let’s See that Shape…



Now, I am a lover of the flowing garments – but there comes a time to let everything take shape.  There are so many beautiful pieces coming out for spring and previewed for fall that are highly structured, shaping pieces.  There is a classiness that embodies a strong femininity.  I especially am loving what Mossman, designer out of Australia.  They are nailing the Shape Shifter perfectly.





How do you feel about the form and shaped fashion?  Will you be embracing this with your style this spring?  Or are you sticking to the free-flowing looks?

Much love,


Iro for Spring…



Okay, who is ready for spring?!  Because I sure am.  Especially as I spend time gazing at all the lovely Spring/Summer collections.  One collection that has fully grabbed a hold of me and has me wanting nearly every piece of the collection is Iro.  Damn, the French really do know how to do their fashion – perfect style.  I love how this collection takes a soft feminine feel and mixes it with an edge.







Who has released some of your favorite looks for the 2013 Spring/Summer?  Are you totally ready for spring, yet?!

Much love,


Boxy & Sheer…



With New York Fashion Week full underway, there are all sorts of fabulous looks coming down the runways.  One of the clear trends coming down the runways is boxy and sheer.  It looks so comfortable and has me longing for warm weather.  These looks would flow so beautifully in the warm summer breezes.  I love sheer.  I especially love how designer, Maryam Nassir Zadeh does sheer and boxy.  Victoria Beckman’s collection for Fall/Winter is also right on with this trend – love it.







Have you been watching the NY Fashion Week shows?  What are some of your favorite looks you are seeing?

Much love,


Design Crush {April, May}…


I love all things French.  Macaroons, croissants and the fashion – oh how they get fashion right. My latest crush on the French is the fabulous designs of April, May.  I love the soft feminine lines meeting the grunge feel.  It is my favorite sort of style – I try to work it into my office look as much as possible and then certainly embrace it every moment on the weekends.  Feminine grunge is this fashionistas current style crush.




What is your current style crush that you are being drawn to day after day?

Much love,


Five Loves…


I am loving Rag & Bones edgy campaign currently with the stunning Kate Moss.


Alright, let’s pack all this up and go travel to Europe – I think that would make me a rather happy girl right about now.  Just look at how pretty these pieces are.


Now, it may not be strolling around the streets of Paris, but I have been loving my morning strolls around the neighborhood – and I do have a French bakery down the street, so that isn’t too bad.


Late night cuddles with friends – so therapeutic.  Even fashionistas love a good pair of sweats from time to time.

I saw this the other day and loved it instantly.  I thought – tattoo inspiration?!  Stunning elephant.  And I like where she is going with this – let’s get to really planning that next big adventure…I’m thinking Thailand is the most realistic option these days…

Do you like to travel?  How often do you get to go explore the world?  Where was your favorite location?  Where do you want to go next?

Much love,


Flattering & Brilliant…

Some people simply have a gift when it comes to design – it also helps to come from a line of creativity like Corey Lynn Calter.  She has used this creativity to develop and grow her eponymous label, which has become a place where collections look and feel alive.  They are bold pieces that come together to make beautiful art.  I also am loving how in playing with color she is making head to toe pink or green look fabulous – two colors that I never thought that could be possible.  I think I am drawn to her aesthetic because it is where punk meets Victorian – two subcultures that I always enjoy, but rarely enjoy together and yet she has managed to do it beautifully – probably because it is staying true to who she is, which is key in creating – all while keep the looks flattering and brilliant.

What are two subcultures that you normally wouldn’t pair together, but would like to see at least try?  Would you ever do the head to tow one color look?

Much love,


Beautiful Wood…


Designers find inspiration in all sorts of places.  For Sophie Monet, that inspiration started in her father’s wood shop a few years back and has transformed into a stunning company that brings art, nature and beauty all together in one piece of jewelry.  Here Sophie shares a little more on her inspiration and design, “My jewelry is a synthesis of my life.  The wood represents Los Angeles and what I was surrounded by growing up.  Whether it be palm trees that line the streets from Venice to Santa Monica or my close family bonds, and the wood shop I spent my childhood in.  The gol and stone represent my entry into independence in New York.  The urban mountains continue to be a source of my inspiration, shaping the growth of my knowledge.  I synthesize and sculpt the materials that surround me, bringing natural elements into different contexts.”




Where do you draw inspiration from?  Would wood jewelry fit in with your style? I am totally in love with the wood pony tail piece.

Much love,


Falling for Madewell…


Okay.  It is no news that I am a fan of Madewell.  But seriously, they keep out doing themselves.  And this Fall 2012 collection is no disappointment.  It is the perfect combination of city girl, meets office, meets growing up and putting down roots as she transitions into the next season of life…oh wait, did I just describe myself?!  Maybe I am trying to justifying buying the whole collection, but what gal isn’t?!!  I am totally falling head over heels for this Fall collection.  Geesh…I love summer, but I sure do love fall fashion – there is no way around that.

What are some of your favorite things about fall fashion?  Are you a Madewell gal?

Much love,