Texture in Spring…



So often we think of fall and winter months as the time to play with textures because they are often warmer.  However, there is no need to let texture only come out to play for half of the year.  This spring, texture is not getting tucked away – well, some of it may be but there is still plenty to indulge in during the warmth.  From lightweight sweaters that have more dynamic feels and soft suedes in bold spring hues and sweet linens – I say put on the texture, maybe just not in layers and enjoy.





How will you be playing with texture in your style this spring?

Much love,



Off the Grid…



Spring is here and with that so are spring fashion trends.  One of my current favs is the grid pattern.  They are popping up everywhere and it is such a fun way to work in a little pattern to your every day look.  I love when a good spring trend doesn’t have to hurt the pocket book, either because you can find cute options at all the trendy stores.  That is the best because then there is little risk in trying out a trend to see if it is a trend for you to fully embrace.







Are you all about the grid trend for spring?  Do you like it as a top, skirt, or full on ensemble?

Much love,


Good Things…



Did I get you to smile?  I know when I first saw that, it cracked a smile on my face.  It’s the weekend – so get out there, smile and enjoy life!  Can you tell we finally got some sun in Minnapolis?!  Totally lifting my spirits and has me smiling!!

Much love,


Five Loves…









I love the layers.  I love that it is a touch of warmth with the shorts, but not fully a true summer breeze because there is a need for layers on top.


Fresh flowers added to the kitchen to add a touch of spring.  Love love love that – now spring, please really come and stay!


Being able to collapse on my bed after a long day, even still in my work clothes – love that moment.  Most relaxing moment of the day – such a great release.


I love this whole look, but especially that sweater.  I totally want one similar to this – especially the pattern.  It looks perfect to throw on over a look in place of a coat for a Saturday running errands and meeting up for brunch with the ladies.


This is the cutest outfit and I would like it so I can wear it to the office on Monday, great – thanks!  Now, if only it was that simple to get a new outfit…

What are your loves after this long week?  Was it a long week for anyone else??

Much love,




Black Hole Sun…



Grunge is not dead, or at least it is still living on in a memory by inspiring fashion.  I love how a classy lady can put on some torn up jeans or shorts and pair it with some preppy pieces, grunge suddenly takes on a classy tone.  How fabulous is that?!  It may not be office appropriate, but it certainly is perfect for spring weather – which we are finally starting to get in Minneapolis.  Snow is melting and it is even supposed to be in the 70’s this weekend – so bring on the classy grunge for meandering about town.







Would you dare pair grunge with prep to get a classy grunge look?  How do you style ripped jeans?

Much love,


Keep Your Head Up…

I love a song that creates a warm feeling, like it should be listened to with sun shinning and windows rolled down.  The song Keep Your Head Up by Ben Howard does exactly that.  Plus, it is one of those songs that gives your soul a little boost – those are also some of my favorite songs as of late.  This English singer-songwriter has a gift – his voice has a way of drawing you in, can’t seem to get enough of it.

What songs are warming up your spirits for spring as of late?

Much love,


It’s Got to be Spring Somewhere…



It may not feel like spring outside, with our most recent snowfall only being two days ago, but that is not stopping the spring spirit.  I say, wear the fun spring hues on your finger tips, no matter what mother nature is up to.  Spring colors are always so fun, bold and all around playful.  They add a youth and spirit to any look, but are still subtle enough that you wear these fun colors to the office.  I have personally been loving rose pinks, mint greens, and lilacs.



spring nail1




What are your favorite hues for your paws this spring?

Much love,



Miss Daisy…



I have been waiting to see The Great Gatsby for over a year now, and the date is quickly approaching.  It seems like it is going to be a beautiful work of art captured on film.  One part that will certainly add to the masterpiece is Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan.  Her whole wardrobe is amazing.  I wish we could go back to dressing like this – everything was so exquisite.  Vogue did an amazing job of capturing some of the fabulous looks as they interviewed the little cutie for their cover story.  I seriously get lost in these images…I can only imagine how well Baz Luhrmann will draw me in with his amazing talent of film.







Isn’t she lovely?!  Are you going to see the movie when it comes out? Have you read the book?

Much love,


Dolled in Denim…



Now, denim is certainly a staple in most everyone’s closet, correct?!  At least a good pair of jeans.  It has lasted through the decades and is a look everyone can pull off.  However, denim does not always need to be on bottom.  In fact, it looks adorable as a top when paired with a cute spring print skirt – even a great look for the office.  Denim can also be paired on denim.  When the shades are complemented just right it looks fabulous, which happens to be one of my favorite trends raging as of late.  I seriously cannot get enough of this lovely fabric…







What is your favorite piece of denim in your closet?  Would you ever wear a denim top with a skirt to give it a more professional feel?

Much love,