Five Loves…

Let loose and dance in the street – while wearing stripes.  In love.  Yes, please – let’s go.

A fun accent chair I am adoring right now – I would love to have this in my new living room.


I love my Great Aunt Jeanie.  She is simply beautiful – both inside and outside and I want to look like here when I am 82.


I have been searching for a fun print to hang in my kitchen – and this is one of my current favs.  I am loving looking for pieces to stylize my house and make it a home.


Having time to myself to relax and read – seriously one of my favorite things in the whole world.  Such a simple little treat.

What are some of the little pleasures in life that bring you great joy?

Much love,



A Little Uplifting…


Sometimes we all need a little uplifting.  Here were some lovely uplifting thoughts that I read the other day that I had to share.  They were helpful for me, so maybe they will be for you.  And if not, at least there are pretty pictures to look at today, too.

1. Enjoy what is now, don’t worry about the future and think of the past, just concentrate on now and making the most of the time that is now and you will find you won’t get bogged down.

2. Do what you love and do it often.

3. Speak from your heart, people will engage you more.

4. Challenge yourself. Don’t get caught up in the comfort zone, always push yourself and you will come out feeling great.

5. If you don’t like something, change it. Life is too short to do something you dislike.

6.  Stop comparing yourself to others, BE YOU!

7. Share what you’re passionate about, talk out loud about things that inspire you and inspire the people around you, too.

And after all of that I would remind every one to take a  deep breath, it really all will be okay.  I have been having to remind myself of that daily as of late, especially at work (we have a go-live on Tuesday…I know that makes no sense to most, but it is a big deal and causes high stress for all involved)…




Where any of those helpful thoughts for you?  Which is your favorite?  What do you find to be uplifting?

Much love,


Home Again…

I have felt like life is pacing by way too fast of late.  One thing that helps me slow down is some good slow down music and that is exactly the trick Michael Kiwanuka does for me with his song Home Again.  It puts a spell on me that helps me close my eyes and enjoy the moment.

Has life been extra fast and busy for you as of late?  How do you slow down?

Much love,


Ladylike Loafers…

Loafers, loafers, loafers – I cannot get enough of them!  I mean I am normally not a fan of flats since I am so short, but dang I seriously am loving all the loafers for this fall.  They are just so stinkin cute.  Seriously.  I personally am loving the Henri Bendel snake skin loafers with little gold bows – to die for.  They are totally on my birthday list.


Are you loving these ladylike loafers?  Would you stick to a classic pair or go for one of the fun colors?

Much love,


Simple Inspirations…


Sometimes it really is best to keep a look simple.  It still can be a perfectly fashionable look.  I personally love a good simple casual look that has complete ease to it.  There is something stunning about that.  Maybe I have been inspired by simplicity as of late because I feel like I am lacking it currently in my personal life – so when life is feeling a little to cray cray, guess I have to find the simplicity in my style…



How do you feel about simplicity when it comes to style?  Is it your style?  Do you go through seasons where you change it up?

Much love,


Timeless Classic…


Now, I love summer but I do love some of the timeless classics that come with fall.  One of my favorite timeless classics as the weather begins to cool down is a good pair of jeans and sweater or blazer.  It is cozy, chic, and the perfect classic.  It can have a preppy feel, but you can add your own style to edge it up by pairing it with the right accessories.  Oh, I guess not everything has to be so bad with the change of seasons…




What is one of your favorite timeless classic looks?

Much love,


Time to Move…Again…


Well, dears, today I move – yet again, but this time hopefully it will be the last time for a long time since it is to my very own house!  House stuff will certainly be consuming the majority of my weekend, but I cannot really say that I am disappointed about that…though, I certainly do hate packing.

What are you up to this fine weekend?