State Pride…

More and more you are finding people that love their state.  There has always been the love of Texas for the Texans, but state pride is no longer just for those down south.  There are fun ways to show your state pride.  In South Carolina they put the Palmeto Tree on everything – even their flip flops.  I have a good friend from Washington who sports her state around her neck in a simple delicate necklace.  And then there are people like me and my good friend, Martha, who show off our state pride permanently.  By getting inked.  That is right, while I was in Colorado I added my newest tattoo to the collection – the lovely state of Minnesota that I love so much and now it will be with me where I am go in the world.

Do you have a love for your state?  What do you love about your state?  Would you ever get a state tattoo?  What state holds your love?

Much love,