Make Me a Mixed Tape, Vol. 1…

Do you ever miss the days of making mixed tapes?  I guess there is still the joy of making a mix on a cd, but there was something so fun about making the perfect mixed tape for a friend who was in a new relationship or needed a pick me up due to a bad break-up, or just because you love sharing amazing music with others.  I decided that today I wanted to share with you some of my most recent favs that I would put on a mixed tape for you if I was making one.

This is Campfire OK.  A great new band that has come together from very different paths, but now together make beautiful music.  The record will not be released until February 2011, but you can check out four of the songs off of the album if you visit their website.  All four are great – but if you are only going to start with one, check out “Strange Like We Are.”

I love Rocky Votolato.  I suggest starting with “Instruments.”  Simply elegant and enamoring.

With three amazing albums from Band of Horses, it is hard to just pick one song – but I will, for the sake of the mixed tape, thus I would say “Neighbor,” is the song to start with – and it is on the Infinite Arms album.

Sarah McLachlan has been around for a long time.  In fact, I have been a fan of hers since I was in elementary school.  There is something about her voice that is alluring that keeps me coming back to hear what she is up to, and let me tell you – I am loving her latest single, “Forgiveness.”

Fun.  That is exactly what they are.  If you ever get a chance to see them in person, do.  They are great entertainers.  In the meantime, check out “Walking the Dog.”  Great song, that really is fun.

And to round it off, I would have to include my favorite cover by Sarah Winters of Tao Cruz’sm “Dynamite.”  Who knew a hip hop song could ever be so redeemed?!  Truly amazing.  Oh, and if you are in the Twin Cities this weekend – she is putting on a farewell show at the 400 Bar.

Well, friends, here is a very brief look into my music library and what is inspiring me on Monday mornings to get out of bed, get dressed and head out to work.  Hope your Monday’s are off to a wonderful start – and if not, take a break to experience some wonderful music.  What music would make your mixed tape today?

Much love,