All Royal…

Now, I am not one to be all up on the latest with the Royal Wedding happening tomorrow – but at this point it is getting kind of hard to avoid.  I will not be waking up at 2am to tune in and watch the live feed – but you best believe I will check to see what Kate’s dress looks like when I do get a chance later in the day (I mean seriously – that is one of the best parts, at least for a complete outsider who does not have an attachment to the two saying “I do”).  What I have seen and heard about Kate Middleton, I must say has been impressive – she seems like a classy gal, and she sure is not afraid to have fun with accessories, particularly hats.  I love the hats she wears – some are so out there, but she pulls them off so well.

She also doesn’t want to leave her royal guests behind in accessorizing well.  So, according to Coco Perez, the royal couple will be giving their guest a limited edition, custom made scarves by Centex.  Now, that is a wonderful idea if you ask me.  Fashionable and something I will actually want to use again – can’t say that about every wedding favor one has ever received.

So, I may not be the most up to date on all the gossip, but I am excited that the new princess-to-be has some fashionista in her.  For those of you that are more into following the “wedding of the century,”  please do enjoy, but remember…

Have you been following the Royal Wedding?  Will you be watching the live stream?  If you have been, what are you most excited for?

Much love,