Winter Blues…

It is that time of year where I think most all of us are feeling like winter has over stayed it’s welcome.  The holidays are past, it is the last day of January – winter it is time to go.  We have had enough of your snow and cold and are ready for spring.  Leaves you feeling a little blue.  So, what shall we do?  I say let it inspire you and mix in the blue to your style.

I love the bold blue paired against the soft pastels.  And this skirt…is so beautiful and reminds me of spring…I just love it.

Let the blue be reflected on your nails.  I personally have been loving mat nails, but really shinny or mat I like deep dark blue.  And very fitting for the winter blues.

Dark navy blue suede boots.  Yes, please.  I mean, can a girl really ever have too many pairs of boots?! (Ok, don’t really answer that…because I know the honest answer, but I like to ignore it….you know one of those guilty pleasures…)

Don’t let the winter blues take you over….rather let them inspire you.  Together, loves, we can get through this.  Spring can’t be too far away…right?!  What do you do to fight the winter blues?

Much love,



For a Lifetime…

I’m taking a quick break in this whirlwind of a weekend to say hi!  I hope you are having a wonderful weekend – whatever you are doing!  Mine is jam packed, but in a way that still allows me to rest and relax.  This morning I had to get up (and that was rough due to not getting so much sleep…I just love late night chats with friends and have a hard time walking away, thus it was a late night) and dress in badge attire.  Badge attire?!  That is right…I am a sorority girl.  And, today we had the celebration of the 141st Founders Day for Kappa Alpha Theta.  It was so good – and I was so thankful to be reminded why I love my sorority, the women who founded it, the women I have the privilege to interact with because of it and why I spend so much time volunteering with it.  And to think I almost changed my mind, so glad I prepaid and it got me there – I drove away thinking, this was worth waking up and not feeling fully rested…and I’m proud to be a Theta…for a lifetime.  Bettie Locke would be proud…along with Allison, Bettie and Hannah (the other three founders).

Along with feeling the tug of the kite (it’s a Theta thing…), I also got to see some great shoes!  It was so fun to so many of my Theta gals being stylish even with all the snow on the ground.  One pair I just could not get over was a pair of knee high black heeled boots that had a Victorian/vintage look to them.  They were round toe and laced all the way up in a very classy way (though they had inside zippers for easier on and off use).  The gal did not know the brand (I guess not everyone cares that much…), but they reminded me of these gorgeous Ann Demeulemeester boots.

I would love a pair of these!  Maybe it is time to go boot shopping again…

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend, loves! Gotta run to my next gathering!  Ciao!

Much love,


Bold & Beautiful…

It may be gray and dreary outside, but that does not mean our clothes need to be, too.  Bust out the reds, pinks, and while we’re at the leopard, too – wear it with confidence and be bold.  Concur the gray by bringing the brightness to the day in you bold and beautiful clothes.

This could be my Valentine’s Day outfit…

Or this is another great option.  Love the pink paired with the leopard print.

Love her hair.  And the white flower pops so well against the red.

I love tutus…so fun and beautiful.

So, whatever you do this weekend, loves, I hope it is a bold and beautiful weekend for you!  Anyone have fun plans?

Much love,


If I Were a Man…

Do you ever find yourself looking at fashion for the opposite gender and getting a little jealous?  Or ladies, you may relate to this – wishing you had a man you could dress in some of the fabulous looks you see?  I know I sure do.  Here are some of the current looks I would like to recreate on some of my guy friends…because let’s face it, men really can do fashion, too…

I love Bobby’s style of This Fellow.

The Sartoralist always finds men dressed so well…

And I am always a fan of a good beard.  And you can never go wrong in all black.  Simple and sharp, sure to have the ladies swooning…

I could go on and on posting more pics of men I would be inspired by, but I will cut myself off here for the time being…but if you want to see more I do store the pictures here.

Do you have a favorite trend for men’s fashion these days?  Ladies, do any of your men let you dress them?  Or are they just that fashionable that they do not need your help?

Much love,


Meet Marcel…

It is the middle of the week.  Everyone needs to take a little break to laugh.  Life is busy and flies by, but we need to stop every once and awhile and laugh.  Thus, I bring you Marcel the Shell…with shoes on.  She is simple, but oh so enjoyable.

Happy midweek, friends!  Hope you are hanging in there!

Much love,


Tis the Season for Couture…

Every year at the end of January is one of the greatest seasons for high end fashion.  People gather in Paris to see some of the most beautiful art walk down the runways.  Is it practical to wear daily?  Most times, no.  But is it beautiful and inspirational?  Why yes, yes it it.  Last year, while I was in Paris I snuck in to spy on the building on the runways before the shows started.  I still am not really sure how I didn’t get caught, but even if I would have I am glad I did – it was so magical to be standing in the room where some of the best art was about to fill the room.

Christian Dior graced the runway in shades of lemon, pink, violet, and pastel blues.  In silhouettes inspired by Paris in the fifties.

I love this hem line.  I also love the red lipstick paired with the pastel blues.

Chanel worked wonders…

And by work wonders, I mean brought many to tears.  Sarah Mower wrote a review for Vogue and put it best, “People often wonder what makes fashion people cry at shows—a little absurd to shed an involuntary tear over clothes, no? Well, here’s the answer: That eye-stinging response only comes once in a blue moon, when a designer manages to move the hearts and minds of women on at least two levels. A surpassing vision of unattainable beauty is a prerequisite; add a practical inspiration which can be translated into everyday wear and we’ll be so grateful, we’re gone.”  Not everyone understands this and some may say it is an over reaction – and you are all entitled to your own opinion, but I would have probably been moved to tears had I been there myself, too.  These looks are beautiful, but most certainly will be inspiring my look this spring.  To see more of the beauty, check out the other collections here.

Do you find yourself following any runway shows?  Do you let the runways inspire your look?  How do you work it in?

Much love,


Shoot It Before It’s Dead…

Polaroids.  Nothing fancy.  Nothing new.  But still can be breathtaking and beautiful.  Some people really appreciate them and some not so much.  Teri Lyn Fisher appreciates polaroids.  And understandably so – she has found a way to capture shots that let you get lost in them and leave you forgetting where you are.  They let you escape where you are, even if it is just for a brief moment.  Just because it is simple, doesn’t mean it is not art – and she proves that on Shoot It Before It’s Dead.

This may not be fashion, but every true fashionista is inspired by beautiful things all around.  This world is filled with them – and I love when someone can capture the beauty in photography, because then you don’t have to worry about the beauty fading away  You can always go back to that place that inspired you the first time you laid eyes on it.

What is inspiring you today?

Much love,


Fashion Down Under…

Megan Park is an amazing designer who is from Australia, but by no means is limited to there.  She is growing internationally and rightfully so – she is truly talented.  She doesn’t just design clothes, she creates art.  She has been designing for more than twelve years now, but finally opened a flagship store (sad news for us – it is in Melbourne).  It is a beautiful store – and I love looking at pictures of it because it is so warm and whimsical…reminds me of spring.  So, this bitter cold Monday, I found it only fitting to share her with you.  Let her art fill you with warmth…and be an inspiration to you, too, for your spring look.

The store itself is a piece of art.  Simply breathtaking.  The Independent Newspaper of the UK said, “Clothes like these are modern antiques and don’t go out of fashion. When they are not being worn, they are hung from a picture rail like a work of art. It seems almost philistine to hide them away.”  I couldn’t agree more.

Happy Monday, loves!

Much love,