Falling For {Burgundy}…



Fall fashion is in full force with New York Fashion Week happening as we speak.  I seriously love fall fashion.  It is like the new year for the fashion world.  One of the fall trends I am crazy for is the deep wine red, burgundy color.  It is great on a bottom, top, dress, and even as a lip or nail color.  It is such a rich, luxurious color.  This color will certainly be getting a lot of attention from my personal style this fall.  One of my favorite lip colors is a deep burgundy and I cannot wait to start wearing it again!







Are you a fan of burgundy or a deep wine color?  How does it work with your personal style?

Much love,


Boxy & Sheer…



With New York Fashion Week full underway, there are all sorts of fabulous looks coming down the runways.  One of the clear trends coming down the runways is boxy and sheer.  It looks so comfortable and has me longing for warm weather.  These looks would flow so beautifully in the warm summer breezes.  I love sheer.  I especially love how designer, Maryam Nassir Zadeh does sheer and boxy.  Victoria Beckman’s collection for Fall/Winter is also right on with this trend – love it.







Have you been watching the NY Fashion Week shows?  What are some of your favorite looks you are seeing?

Much love,


From the Runway {Burberry Prorsum}…

Runway shows rarely let me down.  They are filled with walking art that is inspiring and stunning.  The Burberry Prorsum Fall/Winter 2012-2013 show is no exception.  I adore this collection so much.  I think what does me in are the cute bows that complete each look.  From the rich, velvet, thick bows to the skinny, pops of color with hardware bows – I simply love them.  It cinches in the look to add a flattering final touch and show off your feminine figure just enough, without being too much so they still look like a lady.  Plus, there are these classic skirts paired with fun shirts with animals sketched on – how can you not love these looks?!  Oh, if I could, I would take one of each, please!

I truly am a sucker for pairing pieces together that at first glance one would at first glance say are a miss match, when rather they end up being the perfect match.  What do you think of the collection?  Could you see yourself wearing these pieces as you walk down the streets of your city?

Much love,



With all the fashion weeks going on currently it seems as though everyone has stepped up their fashion game and letting their fashionista shine.  Day after day I keep seeing stunning looks on blogs and all over Pinterest.  How can one not be inspired?!  Not to copy a look, but rather fuel some creativity for your own style.  Here are some of the current looks that have been inspiring me…

What has been inspiring your style as of late? 

Much love,


A Life in Fashion…

Today marks the start of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week – New York.  It really is a holiday.  Gets women from around the world together in their finest – even in the cold, though it has been a little warmer this year.  Fashionistas from around the world fly in, and those that cannot, like myself, watch to see what will grace the runways from their lovely home computers.  However, the fashion we love to see is not limited to the runways – the street fashion during Fashion Week is always stunning and inspirational.  Oh, this time of year just makes me so giddy.

Have you ever been to a fashion week?  Would you want to go – or are you fine with enjoying from your home?

Much love,


PS.  And since it is the season of love and fashion, my friend Dawn over at The Alternative Wife is having a fabulous giveaway – so head over there and enter!  I am really hoping I win, but thought I should share the joy with you, my loves!

Five Loves…

This whole outfit from J. Crew is great – but those pants, I simply adore them.  It was love at first site – dang you J. Crew and swooning me from my email…

Fashion Week…I may not have been there to personally enjoy NYFW, but I am loving the collections and getting to read about others time there.  And just think – we still have the European fashion weeks ahead of us – love this time of year.

Anna Wintour.  Never fails to impress me.  When I grow up I want to be her.

This video has been all over the blog world recently, but I just had to share it because I love it so much.  So well done.  Plus, put fashion and dancing together and you have my attention.

Atlanta, GA.  Love me some southern hospitality…even if it will only be for 24 hours this fine weekend.  I love this city, mainly because I love my dear friends there and I get to see almost all of them as we celebrate a Southern belle marrying a true MN guy – so ready for this party…well, minus the whole being packed part.  Which reminds me, I better run off and get started on that…

Hope you have had a good week, loves!

Much love,


Ladies in Style {NYFW}…

I have been loving seeing all of the new collections that are being shown at New York Fashion Week.  The designers are showing beautiful collections that are flattering to feminine figures – it is like art drifting down the runway.  Along with loving the desingers pieces, I am loving the looks that the ladies (and the men are fairly impressive, too) are wearing to go see the shows.  These fashionistas are taking fashion and making it their own style – love that.

Have you been following along with NYFW?  What are some of your favorite collections?  Do like the collections or the street fashion more during NYFW?

Much love,


Wishing I was There…

That is right friends.  Every fashionista’s favorite time of winter.  Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City.  It is a time to forget about the cold and come out and celebrate beauty.  People fly in from all over the world to fill those shows were designers display their beauty, creativity, design, and art.  I must say I am a little crushed (okay…I am playing this down a bit…) because I am not there.  My original plan was to be there for this week, but then this thing called work and a go-live happened (yes…I know that makes about zero sense to most…but trust me, you don’t just up and leave for a go-live when you are the trainer…).  Thus, I am still here in the tundra of Minnesota and will enjoy the beauty from my home viewing on my laptop.  Thank goodness for technology!  I mean what fashionista Valentine’s loving lady wouldn’t want to be in NYC celebrating two of the greatest things in one?!  I was thankful Vogue gave us a little inside look at Organic by John Patrick’s Fall 2011 line.  Ooo it just gets me so excited to see what else will be revealed this week!

Are you excited for Fashion Week?  What show are you most excited to see?

Happy Thursday, loves!  Can you believe it is almost the weekend?!  Ooo….so excited…I mean I will be celebrating Valentine’s Day all weekend long!

Much love,


Gotta Get Out of Here…

Ever feel like you are going to combust if something in your life doesn’t change, even if it is a change of pace for a short little time?  I think I may have hit that point.  The other day, while I was at work, my manager told me I need to take a vacation.  He is a little concerned that I may lose it since I have this really bad habbit of not leaving the office.  However, I can’t go anywhere until February due to crazy deadlines.  I am okay with that because you know what that means?!  I have time to plan something fantastic!  Now, the question is where on earth does one go?  The options seem endless, well because they are.  I love Europe and loved going there last year by myself, but I am not sure that I really want to do that again – there is something about getting to travel and experience beauty with others that I want to make sure I do next time I head over to the other side of the pond.  Though, I sure do love Paris…especially this little place called Laduree

J'adore Paris...

The default option, and I by no means think that is a bad thing in this case, would be New York.  Naturally, as it is my favorite city and it has been awhile since I have been able to go out there.  Plus, when I left my last job part of my going away gift was a gift certificate to Magnolia’s Bakery – and well, that only leaves me with two options NYC or LA need to be in my near future so I can cash in on that and all the amazingness that is awaiting me.  Seriously, Next to macaroons cupcakes are my favorite.  It is the perfect size, and you get to eat the whole little cake – no worries of messing up the way you cut the cake since you are eating the whole thing (I know it may be a little weird, but cupcakes are a work of art and if I am going to destroy part of it by consuming it, I might was well destroy the whole thing by enjoying the whole piece).

SoHo or Upper Westside...I love them both...

 And with NYC in February, I could make my trip be conviently be from the 10-17th because then I would get to be there for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.  We are talking every little fashionista’s dream come true.  The tents filled with the 2011 fall fashion of so many amazing designers, and the streets filled with fabulous dresses and some maybe trying a little too hard – either way great people watching.  I may be convincing myself as I type…

Isaac Mizrahi knows his stuff...

Or there is always going back to Cali to soak up some sun, which would be extremely needed in blistering cold February.

Wouldn't mind being here again...

So, friends, where shall I go to break free from MN for a bit?  Where do you dream of going next when you hit the point where you need to get out of here?

Thankful it is almost the weekend (and sort of is for me because I worked crazy hours early in the week!) and then I will get a brief break.

Much love,