Loosely Draped…

How is it already August?!  It seems like July just started yesterday.  This summer is flying by.  I have never had a summer like it in my life, much to do with the fact that I have a more “normal” job, if you will.  I thought this whole work thing was going to get in the way of my style and fun, but it really hasn’t messed things up too much.  Now, I can’t wear all my street clothes to the office, but I can find ways to work in some of my favorite pieces.  This summer has been all about beautiful clothes that are draped perfectly.  They have a lose fit, but do not make you look larger than you are.  They actually can be extremely flattering, as well as comfortable.  One of my favorite places to go to look for pieces like this is Urban Outfitters, and specifically check out Lucca Couture’s line – always beautiful pieces that can be dressed up for work and then dressed down for nights out on the town with friends.

How do you work trends into you office attire?  Or do you keep the two looks completely separate from one another?

Hope you had a fabulous weekend, loves!

Much love,


Not All Business…

I love purses.  Not that that is a shocking or new profound statement.  I still have not decided on which purse I am going to get, but as I have been searching I am getting distracted by this fun trend of briefcase purses.  Looks like brief cases aren’t just for the office anymore.  I keep finding really cute ones, I may end up going with one of those instead.  It would transition well into the fall – and there are so many fun colors in this style, so it can be fun and still fitting to wear to the office at the same time (important for a girl who works a lot).  I think one of my favorite things is how there is a good short strap for carrying the bag if I want, or a long shoulder strap for when my arms are full I can wear the bag across my body – also a very important feature.

How do you feel about the brief case purse trend?  What are some of the key elements you look for in a new purse?

Much love,


Conquering New Heights…

They are comfortable.  Perfect for spring and summer.  Come in all sorts of fun shades and styles.  Make your legs look great the way heels do without the pain at the end of the day.  Oh, and, they are great for walking.  They are wedges.  We have seen them time and time again – but this season they are everywhere and I could not be more thrilled or relieved (for my feet’s sake).  I love how they can come in great platforms, but do not look over the top.  I love them.  The problem I am now having is which pair to get?!

I adore this turquoise wedge from Urban Outfitters.  Especially for this season – I am love the pops of bold colors mixed against nudes.

Zara you leave me speechless.  Simply love.

I love this bright bold blue wedge from Zara.  I must have a shoe this color.  Soon.

A more traditional wedge, though still unique from Urban Outfitters.  I love the leather strap that goes over the sole – that subtle detail makes the shoe.

How do you feel about wedges?  Feel like you can conquer the world in them?

Pillow Fight No More…

Now I have been on the quest for the perfect pillows to finish off my little haven (aka my room) for quite some time now.  It has been an intense battle and hunt for the perfect pillow.  They are such a simple little accessory for a room – but they add so much to the overall feel of a room.  That is why I would go from store to store and and play with different pillow combinations trying to create the perfect combo.  It couldn’t be too much because I have a small room, but it couldn’t be too simple because – well, that would just look lame.  So, last night I was walking back from yoga and strolling down Hennepin Avenue in Uptown – and there they were in the window of Urban Outfitters.  The perfect pillows.  I didn’t even care how much they were – they were perfect, or at least I hoped they would be – so I went in and started playing with combos.  The guy that was working in home wares was starting to get a little confused – but he gave me my space because he could tell I was clearly on a mission.  After walking around and grabbing the ones that caught my eye I started going to town in hopes of finding the perfect set to complete my room.  I knew I wanted a soft blush pink-peach theme – as I have been loving those colors so much as of late.  And love how they pair with gray.

Look at that beautiful room – I love the soft feminine lines and hues in here.  You could say this photo has had a slight inspiration on me.  And thankfully I can say my inspiration and designs in my mind have finally come to fruition and I give you the perfect pillow combination for my little haven…

Oh I just love them.  I love the different textures and the way the colors work together.  The pillow that first caught my eye and began the process of finally bringing this hunt to a close was the floral pillow – the colors captivated me and I just knew I had to have it for my room.  And to make matters even better – one pillow was practically free it was marked down so much – meaning I have beautiful pillows that did not break the bank!  Love that.

How do you feel about decorative pillows? I have found from past conversations (especially with men) that people tend to have strong opinions…so pleas do share yours!

Much love,


PS.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day, loves!

Luscious Lace…

Spring is all about the romantics.  From the blushes to the lace – it is feminine, willowy and luxurious.  This spring has a taste of the Victorian feel – and I simply adore it.  I love putting on lace – it just makes me feel pretty.  I love how you can wear lace and create so many different feels – all based off of the color.  Now, Ralph Lauren Collection is breathtaking, but it is not an every day look.  So, how do we make lace work in our everyday looks?  Here a couple ways I am loving working the lace into looks…

I love this dress.  It could be worn with flats for a beautiful day look and then, throw on some heels and you are ready to hit the town for the night.  I love that about lace – when done well, can easily transform with you from day to night.

Pins and Needles knows how to work with lace.  It is still a delicate top, but has strength to it at the same time – not easily done, but they have done it and done it well.  You can find this at Urban Outfitters, which should not come as a shock because Urban always seems to have beautiful, luscious laces in their collections.

How do you feel about lace?  Is there one fabric that you just love and cannot seem to get enough of?

Much love,


Looking Slick…

So, clearly there will be men accompanying all these beautiful ladies that are getting all primped and dolled up on Friday.  So, men, you need to be looking slick, sharp, and crisp (a personal favorite of one of my good guy friends).  Do you know what to wear?  How formal is your soiree?  We all know that I love Zara, especially when looking for a good going out look…and the best part, they have great looks for men, too.  Here are some good ones from the lookbook…

Every man needs a good coat.

You won’t need the bag for going out, but the rest of this look I love.  

Classic black always works for men, too.

Now, men, if you are feeling a little more casual, but still want to be semi dressed up – go out of your comfort zone and rock the skinny tie.

Or, you can always go with the suspenders.  Both of these last two looks you can get from Urban Outfitters.  Another one of my personal favorites.

So, men, what will it be?  Have big plans for New Year’s Eve?  Then, please, dress for the occassion.  Trust me, the ladies will love it…

Much love,


Last Minute Gifts…

IF you are done with your shopping – congratulations!  For the rest of us, whether it is because you are king or queen of procrastination or you are still holding out for the perfect gift, it is time to make some decisions.  Still need ideas?  Well here are some ideas to at least get the wheels turning…

Scarves area always a great option.  You can never have enough.  There are great options for men and women.  I personally love this Pins and Needles Lace Eternity Scarf by Urban Outfitters.  And the best part is, they have free shipping to get your items here by Christmas so you can get them under the tree in time, or you could always run to the store…but who really has time to do that?!

Have a lady in your life and you don’t know what to get her?  Something pretty for the nails is always a great gift.  I have been loving the more nude shades.  They are great with winter whites, blacks, and all things that sparkle.  So, that is why I love the idea of this Debroah Lippmann shade Waking Up In Vegas.

For guys, who we all know are probably the hardest to shop for because they never are willing to tell you what they want, sweaters are always a good option.  Cardigans are an even better option.  Urban Outfitters again is a great option.  Will get here on time and so many wonderful options to choose from – for all types of men.

So, loves, time to make a decision and get wrapping because Christmas is almost here!  What are your ideas for last minute gits?  Or have you been done since Black Friday?  Have any great ideas for the rest of us?

Much love,