Take Flight…

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Y’all – it has been awhile, but guess where I am headed this weekend?!!  A wedding!  Shocked?!  I didn’t think so, because when I say awhile what I mean is about a month.  So, for this wedding there is something a little different.  I have a date, and not just any date but my boyfriend is my date!  Yea, pretty big deal.  So, what did that mean?!  Shopping trip.  I didn’t know what I wanted going in, which I find is sometimes the best approach.  Rather, I go and get inspired.  I found myself being drawn to bohemian feels, navajo prints and feathers.  There are so many of options these days in those patterns and cuts that also have a slight teal or turquoise feel, so it makes sense that is what I landed on.  I decided to go with the above dress – and I cannot wait to wear it.  It is so lightweight and flowy, plus it has feathers printed on a teal fabric – love that.  I want to make sure to accessorize it with the right earrings and rings, since the neck line looks better without a necklace.  The other fun part about this wedding is that it is in a more rural location and I get to see a bunch of my sorority sisters – should be a fabulous time.



What are you wearing to weddings this summer?

Much love,


Behold BHLDN…

No, I am not getting married any time soon.  I mean seriously, things don’t change that fast in my life.  But, I do love weddings.  I love helping my friends plan for theirs.  I love being inspired by them.  The beauty and creativity captivates me.  Now, not every wedding is a piece of art to look at – but it probably was to the couple, which is all that matters in that case.  However, there are plenty that are pieces of art for all to enjoy…and Anthropologie has completely dove in to add to the beauty by launching BHLDN (pronounced Beholden).  If I get the privilege of planning my own big day one day, I think I know my first place I will be going to look for my dream dress…

Planning a wedding and not sure what type of bride you are?  Dreaming of planning your day and want to know what type you are?  Or love personality tests and just need to take another?  Lucky for you BHLDN has a little questionnaire here for you to help guide you to styles tailored to you.

I am Nostalgic Romantic…and I cannot say I was surprised one bit.  I love all the collections, but truly adore the Nostalgic Romantic CollectionWhat type of bride are you?  Have you planned a wedding?  Did you enjoy it?  If you haven’t, what are you looking forward to planning most?

Be you. Be loved. BHLDN.

Much love,