Five Loves…

I love having girls as roommates again – there is something about those late night chats on the beds that I love so much.

I love forearm stand.  Seriously, I love any position in yoga where I get to be upside down – but this one just makes me feel so BA and peaceful at the same time.  Unreal.

My sweet little baby, Willow.  She melts my heart every time I walk in the door.  Love her to pieces.

Lounging in my new home enjoying the freshly painted walls is divine.  This is a quick peek at my new home – I will be sure to share more soon as I get more settled.

I love fall days that feel like summer – the beauty of fallen leaves with a summer breeze.  Simply adore.

How is your September going?  What are you loving with the change of seasons?

Much love,


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