Hello again…

So, it has been awhile.  Since I last wrote a lot has changed in two years – mainly, I married my best friend, Joe, we got a dog, Jude – so now we are a happy family of four.  Willow and Jude are learning to get along.


A long time has passed, but I have thought about coming back here often.  Finally I decided I am back and this time with a new twist.  You see, I have all of these thoughts streaming through my mind that I need to get out somewhere.  I also think that maybe my thoughts would be of interest and strike up some thoughts of your own, so why not type them out here.  Sometimes the topics will be light and fun, but more often than not they may be topics that stir something inside you.  Please do share, but be respectful.  I truly believe everyone has been given the gift to have a mind of their own and should use that to better the world; everyone has the freedom to believe what he or she desires, but I ask that you are respectful of beliefs that are different.  Just because something is different does not mean it is wrong.

So, to a new beginning.  It should get interesting with all the big things that have been happening in history as of late.  One even occurred tonight with the vote failing in the Senate to defund Planned Parenthood.  1 in 5 women benefit from the services offered at PP.  It is not all about abortions.  It is about providing services to women to better care for their bodies.  It is about providing care when everyone else is quick to provide judgement.  It is also there to provide women a safe place to terminate a pregnancy without judgement because each woman is respected for making her own decision.  I have a lot more on this, but I will save that for next time, as this is supposed to be the welcome back post!  Until next time – what challenges you to truly love others?