Faux Fur in Decor…

Hello, all! It’s Mari here from Arcadian Home blog, a fabulous place to find lots of interior design inspirations, including glitzy, colorful wall art and all sorts of lovely lighting fixtures. I’m so excited to be visiting B with a guest post about faux fur in decor.

Faux or real fur? Which would you choose? Today, I’ve brought along eight images to illustrate a few of the many ways rooms can be warmed up (and glammed up) with this fashionable décor detail. Please enjoy!


A large faux fur rug is at once beautiful and cozy underfoot. Several decorative pillows also add appealing furry texture to the sofa.


A white fur throw brings cozy to an arm chair in this stylish little library. Contributing to the glam feel is shiny round metal table topped with a pure white Modern Pendant Light.


Large faux fur throws for the bed seem to be a must have right now. This luxurious look is perfect for a chic space with tufted white headboard. The design merges rustic, contemporary and a bit of global style to create a gorgeous bedroom retreat.


A more classic neutral space with a few contemporary touches is warmed up by a casually draped faux fur throw with a luxuriously soft lining and trim.


In this eclectic bedroom, a huge faux fur throw works wonderfully with the Moroccan rug, Modern Pendant Lights  and a creamy Barcelona chair.


This glamorous living room with glitzy fabrics and sleek acrylic coffee table shows off an appealing white faux fur on the sofa.


We’re seeing the lovely look of acrylic chairs paired with lush white faux fur showing up all over the blogosphere. Here a curvy chair and wispy textured fur are quite stunning with a vintage vanity turned desk.


This rustic bedroom goes eclectic with a French settee, upholstered headboard, massive table lamp and faux fur on the bed and on the floor. A black fabric binding nicely ties the rug to the other black elements in the space.

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What do you think of these faux fur inspirations? Leave us your thoughts below and be sure to visit us for more Home Decor  and lighting inspirations!

Five Loves…



I seriously have been having a love affair with maxis more and more as of late.  This beautiful print maxi has me desiring yet another one – it is so easy and stunning at the same time.



Another love affair I have been having as of late is with the perfect accent chair.  Just look at that chair – everything about it is fabulous.  I even know right where I would put it in my house…maybe one day.



The perfect Saturday afternoon outfit.  Every little detail is fabulous.



I have a thing about bags – I feel that no woman can ever have too many.  I love this clutch for an evening out on a patio – now doesn’t that sound lovely?!



This is a beautiful map of the world.  Love is not dead, my friends – and we cannot forget that.

Have you caught spring fever?  What does it have you having a love affair with?

Much love,


Five Loves…





Love this fun fall look – and let’s be honest, you have something in French – I am bound to love it that much more.


My little way to make my room feel like home and a sweet little haven to escape to at the end of day – I love making my room smell like the yoga studio.


I love this chair – there is something stunning about the tufted look I cannot seem to get enough of these days.


I love Oliva so much – she is just so stinkin cute!  And loving what she is doing here as she plays with patterns.


A girls’ weekend away, well away for me at least – as I head to Chicago with some of my girlfriends from college.  Cannot wait to get out of town.  It has been a long time coming that I take a little get away – so excited!!

Do you ever have weekend getaways?  Where do you head?  

Much love,


Five Loves…

I love having girls as roommates again – there is something about those late night chats on the beds that I love so much.

I love forearm stand.  Seriously, I love any position in yoga where I get to be upside down – but this one just makes me feel so BA and peaceful at the same time.  Unreal.

My sweet little baby, Willow.  She melts my heart every time I walk in the door.  Love her to pieces.

Lounging in my new home enjoying the freshly painted walls is divine.  This is a quick peek at my new home – I will be sure to share more soon as I get more settled.

I love fall days that feel like summer – the beauty of fallen leaves with a summer breeze.  Simply adore.

How is your September going?  What are you loving with the change of seasons?

Much love,


Five Loves…

Let loose and dance in the street – while wearing stripes.  In love.  Yes, please – let’s go.

A fun accent chair I am adoring right now – I would love to have this in my new living room.


I love my Great Aunt Jeanie.  She is simply beautiful – both inside and outside and I want to look like here when I am 82.


I have been searching for a fun print to hang in my kitchen – and this is one of my current favs.  I am loving looking for pieces to stylize my house and make it a home.


Having time to myself to relax and read – seriously one of my favorite things in the whole world.  Such a simple little treat.

What are some of the little pleasures in life that bring you great joy?

Much love,



The Big Day…


That’s right my loves, today is the big day – I close on my house!!  I am so excited, but sadly I will be busy there today and then painting my living room right after.  So any accessory I will be using today will have to coordinate with my paint clothes.  I will be sure to take pictures and share with you once I get a little settled!

Where was the first place you lived that you really made into your home?  What is your favorite thing about your home that makes it your own?

Much love,


Five Loves…

The perfect summer time look for a gal when she is working from home…don’t mind if I do stroll down to the neighborhood French bakery to get a midday break.

Working from home also means that while I am home I get to lounge while I work – simply love that perk.

I love long flowy maxi skirts for summer – so perfectly whimsical.  It is like you are floating down the street.

I love this gold bar cart and am on the hunt for a very similar one to add to my new dining room in my new house!!

When I am feeling tired, the perfect cover up is always bright red lips paired with fun sunnies.  Makes any gal look stunning!

How do you make yourself look like you are up for fun when you are tired?  Do you work from home ever, do you lounge or get dressed up?

Much love,


Five Loves…

I love this shot so much.  I love the all black and then pop of neon pumps.  Perfect summer time chic.

A fun printed skirt is perfect for adding some fun of the summer to to office.  I love these peacocks so much.

I love this mirror so much.  Maybe an option for the new house?!  It is at least serving some inspiration…it is beautiful!

A touch of lavender always makes something more lovely.

I love the outfit.  I love even more that she is getting down to business in this outfit.  This is what it’s all about – evaluate the space and dream of the perfect layout…or maybe that is just my interpretation as I am on the house hunt…

What are you doing to love and enjoy this last week of June and first full week of summer?

Much love,



The Screen Saver…

Okay, not a real screen saver as when your computer goes to sleep, but rather it is a metaphor.  Stop for a moment, what is your default thought you find yourself going to?  Often times it can be that new relationship or wanting to be a new relationship, or that new piece you are dreaming to have to add to your wardrobe, or like me currently…a new house.  That’s right my loves, it looks like the big move (goal of 2012) is becoming more and more of a reality by being a big move across town to a new house.  My very own house. Problem is, I am still in the house hunting stage, which I did a lot of last night, and now it is all I can think about and talk about.  I think if I send one more house or dream living room to my coworkers they may scream – they can only see so many before they go – alright, lady, just buy one already!  But really, they are excited for me, they just wish I would take the plunge already.  It has been so fun to look and dream of what could be.  Also, it is funny to see that what I am drawn to in my personal style is what I am drawn to in my interior design plans…black, white and greys anyone?!  Or is this just a fashionista problem?!

What is your current “screen saver,” if you will?  Do you own your home?  Glad you do or do you feel stuck?  I’m finding putting down roots is somewhat scary, but an exciting scary.  I’ve called Minneapolis home for a few years now, and now I am ready to really make it home because I do LOVE this city.

Much love,


Five Loves…

For the overcast spring days this is the perfect trench…and it matches her pumps perfectly.  Loving it.

A fort on the beach for the perfect Memorial Day picnic – is there even any question if I am in love with this idea?!  Needs to be done stat!

Having a long weekend means having more time to do the things I love, one which means curling up with a good book.  I love three day weekends (and even feels more like a four day since I am working from home today).

This is my kind of vanity.  I love the rustic feel, but I have no idea when I would actually make it (I hate cutting glass/mirrors…I have had issues in the past).  I love getting to look at interior spaces for inspiration as I plan my new space.

Such a carefree look that is perfect for this Memorial Day weekend.  I love when my look can match my attitude and this weekend is all about being free (well, minus the time I am at the wedding…but I am sure I will land on a dress that is more free spirit feel).

What are you doing with your long weekend (I mean, if you get to have one)?  Do you work different hours in summer to have more time on the weekends?

Much love,