Sun Gods to Gamma Rays…

Last week I went to an event called Rock the Link to support ending youth homelessness in the Twin Cities.  There were five amazing local bands that played.  Some I knew prior and some where new to me – Sun Gods to Gamma Rays being my favorite new find.  They are so chill it sends shivers down my back.  This is their first single, which you can hear on The Current (go request it!), Burn Me Through.  

How are you discovering new music?  Do you ever go to shows where you do not know the band or bands playing?

Much love,


Five Loves…


So true.  I am always for the product that gives back over the designer bag – but maybe that’s just me.  Though, I am learning it is not only me and that is a refreshing and hopeful thought for our world.



Seriously, every time I see this skirt I want it that much more.  Damn.  So cute.



How can you go wrong with red?  Especially when everything else is kept natural?!  Oh yea, you can’t because it is simply stunning.



Playing with patterns.  I love it so much.  So inspiring.  And, look at those teal heels – in love.



A refreshing cocktail for a Friday afternoon.  Nothing I love more at the end of a long week.

Are you a happy hour goer?  What is your favorite beverage for summertime on the patios?

Much love,


For Japan With Love…

What happened in Japan is a great tragedy.  I am not one of the official bloggers involved in this campaign, but that doesn’t keep me from being a part of it.  So today, there will be no further posts from me as I take part in the day of silence.  You can get involved too.  There are three ways:


Go to for japan with love and donate today. And if you feel led, give again tomorrow. Share with others. Here’s a bit more about Shelterbox from Utterly Engaged: ”Shelterbox was one of the first organizations asked by Japan to help and were on hand on the Saturday after the quake. each large, green Shelterbox is tailored to a disaster but typically contains a disaster relief tent for an extended family, blankets, water storage and purification equipment, cooking utensils, a stove, a basic tool kit, a children’s activity pack and other vital items.”


This Friday, March 18th, join in a bloggers day of silence. No posts of any kind to acknowledge the devastation going on in Japan.


Tell others – spread the word. Tweet. Tell your blogger friends and to the rest of your friends – no matter how far removed you are from the devastation you can help. Every little bit from of it, from a dollar to a healing thought can make an actual difference. No matter where you choose to donate, here, the Red Cross or with a local restuarant or store that is donating its sales, every little bit helps.

Click here for more information on the bloggers day of silence.

I’ll be giving as well as going silent on Friday – and I hope you will too.

Much love,


I’m Crushing On…

This holiday season there are so many things catching my eye and causing me to crush.  But this is the best time of year to do that, right?!  I mean we can make a holiday wish list if we so desire.  So, this Friday, I finally began to start mine.  The first thing making my list should come as no shock to you, as it puts two of my favorite things into one…sequins and shoes.  AND to make it even better, you are supporting a great cause in getting these.  It is like Carrie Bradshaw meets indie hippie who has a big heart for the world – pretty much the best combination ever.  Thank you, TOMS for making great shoes and doing a great thing.

My feet need these...ok, want these really bad...

The next thing I am crushing on and adding to my wish list would be one of the long Chanel necklaces.  I have always loved them.  Now, with having to wear business attire every day you need classic accessories to make the outfit.  And who better than Chanel to be the one to add the perfect touch.  Who knows if I will ever be so lucky as to own one, but a girl can dream.  Here is one of my favorites from the Fall 2010-2011 collection.

J'adore Chanel...

And for my creative side to be released…I would totally love some new painting supplies.  After I have been crushing on some many other artists’ work left and right, I have been inspired to pick my paint brush back up.  It has been eight years, and some of you know why it is hard and scary to start again, but at the same time it seems exciting.  I am thankful for the others inspiring me, but that means I need some supplies.  Thus, these had to make it on to the list.

So, loves, what are you crushing on this holiday season?  What is making it to the top of your wish list?

Happy Friday – have a wonderful weekend!

Much love,


Yellow Bird Project…

Do you love music?  Do you love giving to a good cause?  Do you love seeing the charities you love make a difference?  Now, how about you mix all that together.  What do you get?  You get the Yellow Bird Project.  They started back in 2006 because they wanted to make a difference – and they are.  You should head over and see what great indie musicians are on board and doing more than just making wonderful music for our ears to enjoy, but also living on mission.  And one of the best parts – to support the mission you can buy some really sweet t-shirts (or scarves…that’s right, they have Yellow Bird scarves!) that are designed by the bands themselves – and then support both the band you love and a good cause.  How great is that.  And, with the holidays of gift giving right around the corner – you could get them as a gift, but really the gift goes further than the back the t-shirt will end up on.  I know this is a different take on fashion than what I normally take – but there is something about a wonderfully soft t-shirt that let’s me rep one of my favorite bands that I cannot resist from time to time.  Here are a few of my favorites…

Rilo Kiley...

They are not just for the ladies…

Elvis Perkins...

Yellow Bird also has Yellow Bird Project merchandise…like this super sweet scarf…

Can never go wrong with a scarf...

How do you feel about donating to a charity in honor of someone for a gift?  How about making a donation and you still get a sweet shirt out of the deal?

Enjoy the long holiday weekend (well at least those in the States…)!

Much love,