Five Loves…



A good hat and classic black – simple and stunning.  Just what I need to throw on after a long week like this one – oh wait, I am going to a wedding.  Guess this will be tomorrow’s look inspiration.



That is an arm party I love.  And pair it with dark nails, gold rings, and tortoise shell glasses – now I am swooning.



A girl’s face when putting on mascara is always so fabulous.  I love it – it is a serious deal and it is worth every moment spent getting it just right.



Oh what I would give to wear casual layers like this again – soon enough the heat will depart and you will find me dressed like this, when I am not at the office of course.



Put your dancing shoes and dress on we are heading to the chapel {again} for another wedding of dear friends.

What are you loving in this blistering heat?

Much love,


4 thoughts on “Five Loves…

  1. It seems like you half spent half your summer going to weddings! Must be a very exciting time. I love the hat in the first picture and the one of emma stone putting on mascara.

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