Five Loves…



I love this look for a cool summer night.  But let’s be real, when am I not loving denim?!! It gets me every time.



Donut holes.  Oh how I love when these sweet little balls of joy hit my lips.  They have always been a weakness of mine, ever since I was a little girl.



I love this sweater so much and feel like I need on just like this to get me through the fall and winter.  It would be perfect to to cuddle up in.



I have been obsessing over cucumber salads as of late.  I have seriously been eating some sort of cucumber salad it feels like every day – but they are so good.  I think it may be all the fresh locally grown cucumbers I have been getting as of late, but they a fun base from the normal greens for a salad.



I love this whole outfit.  I especially love the pop of color with the scarf – it has me excited to be wearing scarves again soon.

Do you cook more in the summer with fresh produce?  What is your favorite summer dish?

Much love,



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