It’s a Date Night…


One of the most fun things I have been enjoying as of late is getting to have date nights with the bou and another couple that one of us is friends with (though, let’s be honest – he has been a way big sport and goes on double dates with my friends far more than we do with his friends).  It is fun to get to hang out with friends like this – plus, it is another fabulous excuse to get a little dolled up for a week night and take a stroll out on the town.  Minneapolis certainly has a growing foodie world and I love every excuse to explore it more and more, so why not bring along some friends to indulge in the fun with.  Tonight we will be heading to Marvel and The Bachelor Farmer with two of my best friends from college who happened to fall in love and get married.  Eep!  Now, I just need to pick out the perfect look…







What do you do for date nights (with your bou or the girlies)?  Do you use it as an excuse to get dolled up?

Much love,


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