Nothing’s Enough…

Have I ever mentioned how much I love the Minneapolis music scene?!!  Oh yea, that’s right, I have a few times.  Well, here is another perfect example of why.  On Saturday night, I went to a local brewery who has a tap room open at night, brings in a food truck, and has local music come and play.  It is a fabulous place to hang out with friends – new and old.  While I was there on Saturday, I had the pleasure of getting to hear this lovely lady for the first time, Cait Leary.  She was giving away her free EP and I have already listened to it a couple times, so naturally I had to share her with you, lovies.  She has some more music up on her BandCamp site and just released a new album last month.  Go check her out and give her some love!!

Do you ever stumble upon random shows that end up being great?!

Much love,


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