Five Loves…

photo (14)


I love living two blocks away from the Farmer’s Market – all sorts of goodies for the soul and tummy.  Seriously, my house smells divine from the fresh flowers this week.

photo (16)


Late night trips to my favorite little ice cream shop with my love.  Never gets old.  Love those sweet treats.



Love this whole look.  The detailing on the back is so fabulous.  And those wedges – I love the zipper up the back of the heel.



Can Tory Burch do anything wrong when it comes to designing?!!  I think not.  Another fabulous pair of heels – so adorable.

photo (15)


Girls’ Night came to a close this week for this season – I love these ladies and spending my Monday nights with them as we discover who is there for the right reasons on the journey of love to find their perfect honeymoon…if you watch The Bachelor/Bachelorette you get all the phrases…it’s a thing.  Plus, I loved this seasons ending – so so sweet.

What are the sweet little things in your life you are loving today?

Much love,



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