Cropped with Class…



Trends are fun.  Not every one is perfect for each person – some can be a little too far out there.  So, what do you do when there is a trend that you like but are not so sure about?!!  I am a big fan of taking it and being inspired by it to make it your own.  That is what I have been doing with crop tops.  I absolutely love them – especially the more flowy ones.  However, I am not one to walk around baring my middrift any more (ten years ago we would have a different story – in fact, it was a different story).  So, the key to wearing a crop top and keeping it classy I have found is pairing it with a high waisted bottom.  My personal favorite is a pencil skirt, but maki skirts also look fabulous.  Play around – don’t be afraid to try a fun trend, with a classy twist.







How do you feel about the crop top trend?  What about with a more modest approach to it?  Does it work with your style?

Much love,


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