The Midi…



The mid-length skirt can really be a hit or miss.  There is something modest about it that makes it appropriate to wear to the office.  However, it has to be styled well to not throw off how your proportions look or make you look frumpy.  Cinching in the waist with a cute belt can really help when styling your mid-length skirt.  Also, pairing it with heels will help lengthen you out, making it so the skirt does not cut your legs off at a terrible spot.

The Midi Skirt




How do you feel about the midi-length skirt?  How do you style it to make it work for you?

Much love,


4 thoughts on “The Midi…

  1. Ah, the midi. I have honestly tried so hard to embrace it (I was going to blog about it, maybe I will at some point), but I just can’t not be frumpy in one. Maybe it’s because I don’t wear heels in the day? Even with though, I don’t think I can make it work for me. I’ve seen it look nice on others but can’t seem to transcend that into my own wardrobe. The only kind I think may work for me midi-wise is the stretch jersey style ones that are slim fitted – but I’m yet to find one that’s quite right / not see-through.

    Love, Katie x

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