Bleeding Heart…



Last night I was reminded that there is still some hope in our world.  There is still beauty.  People really do care and are doing something to change the ugliness of this world.  Maybe you already know about Sevenly, but I just learned about it last night by stumbling upon what I first thought was a cute cat shirt.  Then, I learned that if I bought it this week, $7 would go towards helping free girls and boys from sex trafficking in Thailand.  Next week, there will be a different mission the $7 from each purchase will go to.  It is amazing.  In January of 2011, two young Entrepreneurs Dale Partridge and Aaron Chavez got together with the mission of leading a generation toward generosity.  Six months later this vision turned into a reality and has been making a difference these past two years.  Sevenly successfully unlocked not only a way to crowd-fund for causes, but to drive massive social awareness as well.  Through these two men we are seeing a generation moving toward generosity & a world beginning to realize that people matter…now, that melts my bleeding heart.  Plus, the products are fabulous.



Do you find yourself drawn to brands that allow you to give back and make a difference?  What causes are you most passionate about supporting?

Much love,


5 thoughts on “Bleeding Heart…

  1. thank you for standing for this! sex trafficking is heartbreaking. so glad brands are becoming more conscious and raising awareness in the fashion industry

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