Five Loves…



I love this look.  It looks like it was put together with such ease, and whether that is true or not, that is always a good thing.  Plus, those heels are too cute!!



Pictures of people’s arm candy always catches my attention.  I think they are beautiful.  Plus, I always love seeing what people put together – it’s like a little piece of art.



Another beautiful and simple look.  Maybe it is the whole going into the weekend thing, but I cannot get enough of these.  Plus, I again am LOVING her shoes!!



I think this is always a helpful mantra to remind yourself of, but it certainly has been as of late for me.  I can get so caught up in planning the future that I forget to enjoy the present.  I need to remember – things take time and that is okay – so why not enjoy it.

photo (13)


He just makes me so happy – I feel like the luckiest, so naturally it was going to make the list eventually.  This is from the wedding we went to last weekend.  Guess this is another one of those things that proves things take time and it was worth the wait – so patience is a good thing!

Happy Friday, lovies!!  What has been putting a smile on your face this week?

Much love,


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