Take Flight…

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Y’all – it has been awhile, but guess where I am headed this weekend?!!  A wedding!  Shocked?!  I didn’t think so, because when I say awhile what I mean is about a month.  So, for this wedding there is something a little different.  I have a date, and not just any date but my boyfriend is my date!  Yea, pretty big deal.  So, what did that mean?!  Shopping trip.  I didn’t know what I wanted going in, which I find is sometimes the best approach.  Rather, I go and get inspired.  I found myself being drawn to bohemian feels, navajo prints and feathers.  There are so many of options these days in those patterns and cuts that also have a slight teal or turquoise feel, so it makes sense that is what I landed on.  I decided to go with the above dress – and I cannot wait to wear it.  It is so lightweight and flowy, plus it has feathers printed on a teal fabric – love that.  I want to make sure to accessorize it with the right earrings and rings, since the neck line looks better without a necklace.  The other fun part about this wedding is that it is in a more rural location and I get to see a bunch of my sorority sisters – should be a fabulous time.



What are you wearing to weddings this summer?

Much love,


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