Secret Garden…



Do you ever find yourself going through shopping seasons where you almost buy the same thing over and over again?!  I feel like recently I have been lost in a secret garden – especially when it comes to floral bottoms.  I love them and cannot get enough of them.  It is beginning to get a little excessive, but there are so many options that are all slightly different.  And though I may be drawn to the floral bottoms the most, I certainly have found ways to include floral tops and dresses, too – I mean, I do not want any piece to feel left out…







How do you feel about all the florals?  Are you lost in a secret garden, too?

Much love,


3 thoughts on “Secret Garden…

  1. The title of your post got that Bruce Springsteen song stuck in my head. But yes I agree, last night while shopping at H&M I had the same revelation. I picked up a super cute top and realized I already owned their last year version but in a different pattern. At least it shows our styles are consistent.

    Much love,
    Peonies and American Honey

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