Back to the Daily Grind…

business woman taking off shoes in office.


I had the most amazing last five days.  I did not go anywhere, but it may have been the most relaxing staycation I have ever had.  I got to relax and spend so much quality time with the bou, making last night rough having to say good night and realize it was back to the daily grind today.  Bring out the pumps, the pencil skirts, blouses and blazers – it may be summer, but that does not mean work gets put on hold all week.  As much as I enjoyed the lazy days, I did love getting to put on a well put together professional look this morning.  There is something about those looks that gives me a better perspective on heading to the office, plus I do love my job so that helps.  One thing that is great about summer office looks is that you can mix some casual tops with the professional bottoms and heels.  That is also super helpful to play with when it starts to hit the hot and steamy temps.  Another fabulous option for women are sun dresses, now nothing too short or tight, but adding a belt or cardigan or blazer can transform the casual dress into a more business casual look in a few moments.







How do you deal with the heat of summer and keeping to the daily grind when it comes to styling for the office?

Much love,


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