Five Loves…

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I LOVE live music.  I LOVE The Mowgli’s.  And when you put those two together and then mix in getting pulled up on stage to sing Time with them, you get one extremely happy girl.  And I got to share the moment with my bestie.  It was pretty fabulous.  The Mowgli’s are amazing musicians, but even more they are beautiful souls that promote peace and love – true hippies that I totally share a heart with.  It is such a beautiful thing that they are doing as they share their gift with others.  Go see them if you get a chance.  You will NOT regret it.  #BeAMowgli #IAmAMowgli



I keep seeing this style of shoe everywhere and they are so stinkin cute!  I totally need a pair.

photo (6)


Ice cream in the summer is delicious, especially when from Pumphouse Creamery.  My absolute favorite in Minneapolis.  I got to share it with my new special friend last weekend and I think that made me love it that much more.



How fabulous is this dress?!!  For a hot humid day – yes, please I was a simple flowy, lightweight little black dress.  Adore.

photo (7)


I finally got a new bike with the help of a good friend.  It is teal – pretty much perfect for me since that seems to be my color of the moment.  I love it.  And even more, I love that this picture is taken in what is right out my front door – I am so blessed to get to live in an amazing city that also has nature all over.  I love the lakes.  Couldn’t live without them.

What are some of your favorite little delights this week?

Much love,


2 thoughts on “Five Loves…

  1. That’s so awesome you were on stage with The Mowgli’s! You are such a rockstar! That ice cream looks delicious, and your bike is too cute! I’ve been indulging in more than my share of ice cream this week, too, and am planning on taking my bike for a ride this weekend 🙂 Have a good one!

    ❤ Josephine

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