It’s a Rule…



Okay, maybe it is not a real rule, but it is my rule.  Never wear the same pair of shoes to the office in the same week {with a slight sliver of grey for need of the hour reasons to break this}.  There are so many beautiful and fabulous shoes that I think they each should get their chance to shine.  Plus, they last longer when you do not wear them every day.  It is part of how I have managed to grow my collection the way I have because as I get new shoes, I do not have to get rid of old pairs – though sometimes I do because even with my rule I have managed to destroy some shoes (hello, I live in MN – most shoes don’t last through multiple winters).  Changing up your shoes every day is a fabulous way to accessorize your look without being too much of a distraction at work.  Also, you will be surprised at how many people will start commenting on your fabulous shoe collection.  AND, if you live with this rule, you also get to live by the idea that a gal can never have too many pairs of shoes!



photo (11)

Do you live by this rule?  What are some of your fashionista rules?

Much love,


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