Let’s Go For a Walk…



Whether you are walking around town going shopping on a Saturday afternoon with your girlfriends and then hitting a patio for drinks or going for a stroll around a lake, sometimes the best thing to wear is not a cute little sundress.  That much walking calls for a cute pair of walking shorts.  These shorts are no longer just for your momma, but for everyone.  I wished I could have snapped a pic of on gal in Uptown last week – she had styled her white walking shorts perfectly for a casual night out.  I was hesitant about this trend at first, but the more and more I see ladies styling them with their own touch I am warming up to the trend and thinking it may be time to give it a try.  I really love how most of them are high waisted to show off your feminine figure.  It seems like summer might finally be here in Minneapolis, so there should be plenty of opportunities to give it a try.



Are you a shorts wearer?  What are your thoughts on walking shorts?

Much love,


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