The Wild Feathers…

Now, some people may be over the guys getting together, jamming out and singing with fabulous voices and energy – but me, not so much.  In fact, I am still loving it because each group does find a way to add their own twist to it.  Plus, if they have long hair and scruff to mix with their musical talents I am all ears…especially if my ears get to be at a live music happy hour event.  The Wild Feathers are my new favorite and though sadly they will not be doing a show in Minneapolis anytime soon, they are doing a guest appearance at a Sun Soaker Thursday put on by Cities 97 on June 27th.  Naturally, my girlfriends and I have turned this in to a full on event – it will be fabulous to have a mid-week catch up on the lake (hopefully with sun) and great live music.  These guys have such a great sound, especially to rock out to on a hot summer afternoon!  These American boys, who have been playing together since August 2010, bring together the best of rock, country, folk, and blues to make a sound of their own.  So, if you are in the area, feel free to come join us at Maynard’s on June 27th – we will be there rain or shine!

How do you get your fix of live outdoor music in during the summer?

Much love,


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